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Digital printing and web offset printing make sheet fed offset printing suffer from both sides

more and more commercial printing plants can provide customers with offset printing and digital printing services at the same time, and can choose appropriate printing technology for live parts before they start printing. People have to admit that digital and offset printing technology are equal in the field of four-color printing

nevertheless, many digital printers still have certain advantages in providing on-line post press processing function and printing products using multiple substrates in one paper feeding process. When printing quality is no longer an obstacle, printing quantity and operation cost have become an important basis for people to choose digital printing and offset printing

speed and cost determine the printing method

it is difficult to answer the question of how much operating cost and printing quantity offset printing is more cost-effective than digital printing, because offset printer suppliers and digital printer suppliers give different answers

Heidelberg company claims that its xuba 52 aniclor printing machine is very suitable for ultra short printing, and sets the critical point of offset printing and digital printing at 250 (all live parts higher than this number can be printed with xuba 52 aniclor printing machine)

HP indigo claims that its new indigo 7000 digital printing machine will be twice as high as indigo 5500 printing machine, and its operation cost will be lower. When printing 8-page booklets, the critical points with B3 offset printing machine and B2 offset printing machine are 1800 and 990 respectively, which means that all live parts with less than this printing number are suitable for printing with indigo 7000

however, companies like Xerox can also echo China's "one belt and one road" initiative to provide customers with reference data based on printing quantity. These digital enterprises generally have a set of software programs to select printing technology for different types and different quantities of printing live parts. The printing factory can input the characteristics and costs of different printing presses, which has a very wide speed regulation range and beam moving distance, and make the correct choice between digital printing press and offset press according to the results

the new Saikang 8000 printing machine is the most promising one to change the critical point between digital printing and offset printing. Its quality level has comprehensively exceeded the current Saikang 6000, and the printing speed has increased by nearly 50% to 230 pages/min. It is understood that Saikang 8000 is the fastest digital color printing machine with offset printing quality in the market

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