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The boss is the leader of a company and enterprise. As bosses, the adjustment of the office feng shui layout is very important. A little carelessness will affect the overall economy, so we must not take it lightly. Then, what should we pay attention to the boss's office feng shui layout? Let's briefly introduce the eight precautions for the Feng Shui layout of the boss's office

bosses are the leaders of companies and enterprises. As bosses, it is very important to adjust the layout of office feng shui. A little carelessness will affect the overall economy, so we must not take it lightly. Then, what should we pay attention to the layout of boss office feng shui? Let's briefly introduce the eight precautions for the Feng Shui layout of the boss's office

1. Good lighting. If there are glass windows on both sides of the boss' office, the light is too strong and too transparent, which will cause the spiritual weakness and fatigue of indoor people. The window with poor scenery outside the window should be closed with blinds. If the office has a window on one side, the window can face east, South and West, but it should not face north. Because the north is the Kan palace, the Lord works divination. Yin Qi is heavy, Yang Qi is difficult to rise, and the pressure of career is great. If it is already a window facing north, then the desk should not be too close to the window. Indoor layout, walls or sofas, bookshelves, etc. should use warm colors, or more red colors, to make up for the lack of Yang

2. The layout style should reflect the boss's temperament and character. The Feng Shui layout of the office is different from that of the home. The office should reflect the authority of the owner and the culture of the enterprise, so as to facilitate the implementation of decisions and occupy a favorable position in business negotiations. Sofa, hanging pictures and decorations should be selected with momentum, so that foreign guests can look up rather than down. All these arrangements should be unified in the gossip orientation and color style required by the boss's own destiny

3. The seat and orientation of the boss's desk. The boss's desk should not be facing the door directly or back to the door. This is called a criminal “ Six strokes &rdquo& ldquo; Six strokes ” It will aggravate contradictions and make everything impossible. Indoor bosses with strong lighting should be farther away from the window, and those with weak lighting should be closer. The size of the boss' desk should be determined according to the size of the indoor space and the size of the boss himself, and the proportion should be harmonious

4. Highlight the master position and prevent turning the guest into the main player. All indoor decorations and facilities, including a flowerpot and a pendant, should reflect the principle of being used by me. The sofa should be placed in a U-shaped shape, with the mouth facing the boss's desk, forming a centripetal force and cohesion

5. Avoid rushing. If there is a road directly in front of the office building where the office is located, or there are poles, transformers, chimneys, sharp corner doors or windows of the building, it is called “ Chong Sha ”. If the office building is different from “ Chong Sha ” If it is far away, it will not hinder much. However, for the sake of safety, it is necessary to put a gauze curtain cover on the window or dissolve it with a Feng Shui ghost mirror

6. Choose a good neighbor. Feng Shui theory believes that environmental field has direct influence on human field. The office building where the office is located should try to avoid being near temples, prisons, etc. There is too much Yin Qi, and the Qi field is not easy to balance, so it is difficult to produce an auspicious magnetic field for people On the contrary, it is also prone to mysterious things, such as office theft, internal staff corruption, and internal theft Female employees are not easy to have children, etc

7. Take me as the center. There is a saying in Feng Shui called “ Mountains and rivers have feelings ”, We can regard tall buildings as mountains and roads and overpasses as water. Mountains and water should be protected around me, forming a superior geomantic pattern of front rosefinch, rear basalt, left Qinglong and right white tiger. In other words, the building in front should be farther and lower; The buildings behind should be closer and higher; There is a river or a road with slow traffic flow on the left; The building on the right should not exceed the height of the building where you are located. If there is a park, lawn or calm lake in front of the building where you are located, then this should be regarded as the upper wind and water

8. Accumulation of wind and gas. The boss's office is preferably a suite, with a clerk in the outer room. The outer room should be small, accounting for one third of the entire office area, while the inner room should account for two thirds. Waiting spaces are set outside to gather people. The door of the middle wall between the inside and outside should not be set in the central part, but should be set near the entrance of the overall office. Prevent the direct release of wealth in the boss's room and form “ Music is love ” Feng Shui pattern. On the wall of the outer clerk's room, there are enterprise operation drawing boards, flow charts, etc., which give guests an intuitive understanding of the enterprise and facilitate the next communication with the boss. The clerk should have more flowerpots and scenery in the room to protect the freshness of the indoor air and make the guests feel happy. The wall in the middle of the inside and outside should not use transparent glass, but should have a closed effect, producing a mysterious and implicit atmosphere effect

here is the relevant information about the Feng Shui layout of the boss' office. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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