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Facing the name of the member unit of the decoration industry association, Mr. Gu chose Shanghai huangteng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. to decorate the house. Unexpectedly, the other party's membership turned out to be his own face, and Mr. Gu met Li Gui's member

◆ the quotation of coatings and paints shows signs.

in March this year, when Mr. Gu passed huangteng decoration company, he saw the bronze medal of the member unit of Shanghai Decoration Industry Association hung on the wall of the company, and the membership card number was t1810, so he had a sense of trust in the company. After the negotiation, the two sides signed a home decoration agreement, asking Huang Teng company to repair floors, doors and windows and other projects

when signing the agreement at the beginning, Mr. Gu asked about the brands of flooring and paint, and thought that the material price was settled according to the actual situation, so he stopped thinking about it. Unexpectedly, I then inquired about the paint price in the building materials market, and the material price per square meter I calculated was only one third of the other party's project budget price

Mr. Gu then called the home decoration company and asked the other party to explain how the unit price per square meter of floor paint was calculated, but the other party rejected it. The home decoration company said that anyway, you have signed a home decoration agreement. If you break the contract and need compensation, there is no room for negotiation

◆ the member's signboard became Li Gui

as a last resort, Mr. Gu called the industry association to complain, which surprised him even more. The staff of the Association told Mr. Gu that huangteng company was not a member of Shanghai Decoration Industry Association at all. Mr. Gu didn't expect that he didn't dare to find the road construction team and went to the other party's gold lettered signboard. He actually met Li Gui

in this regard, Tang Jiansheng, deputy director of the legal department of the municipal Consumer Protection Commission, believes that the consumer law gives consumers the right to know. In this case, consumers' right to know is deprived, and enterprises' dishonest behavior should also be punished. The municipal consumer protection commission reminded the public that because most consumers are not familiar with the price of home decoration materials, they are prone to price traps when signing home decoration contracts. Therefore, consumers had better have a preliminary understanding of the market of main home decoration materials before decoration, and try to choose a formal home decoration company. For the gold lettered signboard of home decoration company, you can also browse the official website of relevant departments for verification




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