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The bathroom is a place that provides washing and shower, so the bathroom has a great connection with our health. When taking a bath, you can also relax yourself wholeheartedly. But what if the bathroom is too small? This is about to solve this problem in decoration. Next, let's take a look at the effects brought by the decoration effect drawing of the small bathroom, as well as several key points of the decoration of the small bathroom. I hope you will like

decoration effect drawing of the small bathroom I

key points of the decoration of the small bathroom

from the above decoration effect drawing of the small bathroom, we can use the layout of lights and the collocation of colors in the decoration of the small space bathroom, Plus the selection of sanitary ware, these aspects are done very well. For small toilets, we really need to start from these aspects to design and decorate

small bathroom decoration effect drawing II

before decorating the small bathroom, you can set the color you want first, because the space is relatively small, it is best to choose white as the bathroom wall color, so that the small bathroom can look larger, or it is good to choose refreshing colors such as milky white, light blue, light yellow, etc., which can naturally think of water

effect drawing of small bathroom decoration III

a very important element in the bathroom is the design of the wash table, especially for small toilets, the wash table needs more attention. The design of the wash basin should be determined according to the size of the toilet. The wash basin is generally set at the entrance of the toilet. For small toilets, vertical wash basins or empty wash basins can be set at the bottom. You can also use a translucent glass basin, so that space reduces the sense of support for space

effect drawing IV of small bathroom decoration

bathtub can be said to occupy the most space in the bathroom, especially for small bathroom decoration, its size should be considered. It is recommended to choose some sitting bathtubs, which can not only save space, but also the design of sitting bathtubs is very consistent with the functional line of human sitting posture, and will not affect the comfort of use. You can also make several concave holes of the same size on the crenels around the bathtub, so that the bath supplies have a hiding place

the above is about the decoration effect drawing of the small bathroom and the key points of decoration. I hope the above introduction can give some help and suggestions to friends of small houses. If you want to know other relevant information





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