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Whether children's room feng shui is good or not will affect children's physical and mental development. Do you know what Feng Shui is for children's room decoration? Let's take a look at the following articles

children's room decoration Feng Shui Encyclopedia

children's room decoration Feng Shui precautions

children's room decoration Feng Shui I:

the layout of children's room should not be too fancy. The complexity of color or decoration will cause children's restlessness. Living under such strong sensory stimulation for a long time will have a very bad impact on children's growth

children's room decoration Feng Shui II:

children's room should not be set up far away from their families, so that children can't feel the warmth and harmony of the family. It's easy for children to develop a lonely character, feel lack of family care, and can't get the attention of their families

children's room decoration Feng Shui III:

the light in children's room should be bright enough. The weather can greatly affect people's mood, so good light can make children's mood happy and cultivate their optimistic character

decoration of children's room feng shui 4:

children's hair room should not be placed with those strange pictures. The environment has a great impact on children. Strange pictures will cause bad associations or strange characters of children

Feng Shui taboos for children's room decoration

Feng Shui taboos for children's room decoration 1: bedroom Feng Shui

① children's bedrooms cannot be set beside the machine room. Under the balcony, it is easy to cause cerebral neurasthenia if it is set beside the machine room

② no mirror door is allowed at the entrance of the bedroom to avoid talking about right and wrong

③ the ceiling of the bedroom should be flat, preferably milky white (dark color is fierce); The ceiling can be decorated with vertical and horizontal wooden strips, but various strange decorations cannot be suspended

④ the bedroom floor cannot be paved with dark red carpet and long wool carpet to avoid bronchitis

⑤ don't hang too many wind chimes in the bedroom to avoid neurasthenia

⑥ the light in the bedroom should be bright; The main colors should be pink, bright red and dark black to avoid irritability

⑦ the bedroom is small and cannot be decorated too complicated, making the space look great

⑧ don't close or lock the dolls in the bedroom

⑨ the bedroom door cannot be opposed to the toilet door

Feng Shui taboos for children's room decoration 2: Wall Feng Shui

① the wall of children's bedroom should not be pasted with too fancy wallpaper to avoid confusion and irritability

② strange animal portraits should not be pasted on the wall to prevent children from behaving strangely, because visible must have spirit, and birds of a feather flock together

③ don't stick pictures of samurai fighting on the wall, so as to avoid the child's mentality of being brave and ruthless

Feng Shui taboo for children's room decoration 3: Desk Feng Shui

① children's beds cannot be set under the beam

② if the bed faces the window, the sunlight should not be too strong, and too strong sunlight is easy to get upset

③ the bed cannot be on the balcony (that is, after the expansion, all or part of the children's bed is on the balcony), and it is not suitable to be close to the French window of the balcony

④ the bed should not be on or off the kitchen stove (prone to skin diseases, irritability), nor in the toilet

⑤ the feet of the bed do not flush the door (the feet are easy to sprain) or the toilet

⑥ the head of the bed does not flush the door, which is not reliable in the front and back of the toilet

⑦ the bed should not be placed directly under the God's throne in the shrine (don't drum up when the child is normal)

⑧ do not put a tape recorder at the head of the bed (it will weaken the brain)

what Feng Shui problems should be paid attention to when decorating children's rooms

first, the furniture selection of children's rooms must be scientific and reasonable when buying, and the scale should best match the height of children, such as desks and chairs, which can be adjusted automatically. This will help prevent children from humping, myopia and other problems, and will also have a great impact on the child's spine. In addition, children's beds should preferably be made of hard beds, rather than soft mattresses such as Simmons, which will affect the normal growth of children's bones

second: the space selection of children's room

the space of children's room should be as spacious as possible, so that it can have good visual effects, and at the same time, it can also provide enough play space for children. So when choosing furniture for children's room, we should also pay attention to the size of the volume. If the bedroom space is not enough, pay attention not to decorate too complex, at least make the space look larger. At the same time, you can also use color to expand the room. Choosing cream colored and sky blue walls can make the space look more comfortable and lovely, and also increase the visual width. Cool colors such as gray and Brown will give people a cold feeling, which is easy to make children dull

Third: the choice of decoration of children's room

the decoration of children's room should be conducive to the cultivation of children's character. Don't stick too fancy wallpaper on the wall, which is easy to make children upset and upset. Don't stick strange monster patterns, which is easy to make children's behavior become elvish and eccentric. It's better not to post some pictures of fighting, which is easy to make children have aggressive Psychology (except for Taiyin, Tiantong and Tianliang boys who have too feminine personalities). Some decorative pictures and artwork pictures can be pasted according to children's hobbies to cultivate children's artistic cells and appreciation. At the same time, you can also post some landscape paintings to cultivate an open and quiet mind

fourth: light selection of children's room

it is best to use natural light in children's room, and the room must be ventilated and bright. Bright light can make children cheerful, and ventilation can make children have a good breathing environment. And try not to install air conditioners, so as to avoid too large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, and children's physical adaptability and bearing capacity are poor, which may not be able to withstand large environmental differences





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