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The problem that the solid wood floor always makes a sound bothers many friends. There are many reasons for the sound when walking on the solid wood floor. Most of the reasons are that some processes are not done well in the process of installation and construction, resulting in some strange noises when walking on it

installing solid wood flooring is the preferred choice for many family flooring installations, but some owners report that there is a sound after the installation of solid wood flooring. Next, let's talk about the causes and solutions of the sound of solid wood flooring in detail

causes and solutions of the sound of solid wood flooring

1. Uneven ground

the sound caused by uneven ground when installing solid wood flooring is very common, mainly because there is no leveling when installing solid wood flooring, there is a suspension between the floor and the keel, or the wooden keel is not padded and there is a suspension. These are the reasons for the sound when walking on the solid wood flooring after installation, The solution to this situation is that if it is a small part, the oil penetration treatment can be carried out on the noisy part of the floor. If it is a large area, it is recommended to disassemble and reassemble

2. There is a big difference in the dryness of the keel

the keels produced by some manufacturers are stacked casually before drying, resulting in a large difference in the moisture content of the wooden keel. In this way, even in the process of floor installation, the installers level the wooden keel, and there is no floor noise after the completion of floor installation, but after using for a period of time, the wooden keel will regain its balance due to the change of moisture content, resulting in the occurrence of floor noise. To avoid this situation, the wooden keel should be placed indoors for a week before the floor is installed, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of this situation

3. The keel is loose

some workers use the fixing method of wood wedge and iron nail in the installation and construction of solid wood floor, which will cause insufficient nail holding force due to the small contact surface between wood wedge and iron nail, which is very easy to cause the wooden keel to loosen, and there will be a sound when stepping on the floor. This needs to be discussed with the construction master before installing the solid wood floor to choose a better keel fixing method

4. The floor gap is insufficient

everyone knows that there should be enough reserved gaps for the installation of wood floors, otherwise the slight arching that is difficult to observe with the naked eye will occur during the expansion of solid wood floors, so that there is a gap between the solid wood floors and the keel, so that when walking, the solid wood floors will vibrate up and down and produce friction and sound. This kind of noise is also very common, so enough gaps should be reserved during installation. If this happens, don't rush to renovate and reassemble. Generally, you can first see the effect of the solid wood floor after it is damp. If the solid wood floor is seriously deformed after it is damp, the solid wood floor will not make a sound when it is squeezed too tightly

5. The moisture-proof film is not padded

when installing the solid wood floor, the moisture-proof film is not supported by the cushion, and the moisture on the ground will rush into the back of the solid wood floor, causing slight tile deformation and distortion. On the keel, the solid wood floor is like a seesaw, and people will make a noise when walking. In case of this noise, it is generally difficult to maintain, and the best way is to reinstall it

how to avoid the sound of solid wood floor

1. Before installing the earthworm, generally use a 12mm electric hammer drill to drill holes, so the wooden tenon should at least be tamped with a square wooden tenon of more than 18-20mm before it is useful. You can't drill holes easily, and the wooden tenon will shrink as soon as it dries in a few days

2. The material of the wooden tenon of the tamping ground is harder than that of the earthworm, and the hard shrinkage force of the wood is small, so the earthworm is not easy to pull up the wooden tenon and maintain stability

3. In some rooms, the ground level difference is several centimeters. At this time, the carpenter will pad some knife shaped wooden plugs or three plywood under the earthworm to ensure the level of the earthworm. At this time, don't forget that between the earthworms with a height of more than 2.5 centimeters, short earthworms must be fixed with each other to prevent the earthworm from swinging left and right, so as to ensure that the earthworm is flat and firm

4. When installing the solid wood floor, the hole diameter must be smaller than the floor nail, so that the floor can eat nails

5. Reserve more than 1 cm of floor contraction joints around the wall to avoid climate change or floor moisture content inconsistent with expansion and arching, which most people know

summary: the above is what Xiaobian introduced to you about the solution to the sound of solid wood flooring. Do you know? I hope I can help you effectively. Please pay attention to more information





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