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The person in charge of BMW electric vehicles talks about the group's electrification strategy

recently, the BMW I sub brand under BMW has been at the forefront of technology development since the launch of I3 in 2013, according to foreign media reports. I3 is an all electric vehicle with ultra light carbon fiber frame. In September, BMW said during the preview of inext that it would continue to push this sub brand to a higher level. Christiaan hetzner of automotive Europe interviewed Robert irlinger, head of BMW I brand, who said that BMW was adjusting its electrification strategy

robert irlinger said that according to BMW's plan, 12 pure electric vehicle models will be launched before 2025. At present, BMW has released four electric vehicles and a mini electric vehicle, that is to say, there are seven electric vehicles coming out soon. As for which models of electric vehicles are to be launched, BMW will try to cover each market segment according to customers' needs. The current ix3 means that BMW will enter the field of compact SUV. The I4 is a compact car similar to a coupe, and the size of inext is roughly equivalent to X5. These are the areas where BMW is entering mass production, because the company believes that the demand for electric vehicles is growing. At the same time, it is also inseparable from the support of the government and the expansion of infrastructure. The common types are separation type, shear type, barrier type, diversion type and wavy type

when asked whether all electric vehicles will be produced based on clar (BMW's rear drive platform), Robert mainly checked the key points The situation of vulnerable parts (such as mechanical safety devices) replied: "The ix3 is an exception, because the base vehicle X3 already has a mature production line. However, the ix3 uses the fifth generation Edrive that inext will also use in the future. However, every electric vehicle after us will be produced entirely based on the clar or equivalent precursor architecture. Not limited to the clar, we can more flexibly decide where to produce which model and how much to produce. After all, there are still many market demands in 2024 or 2025 Uncertainty. "

at present, the performance of I3 does not meet the expectations of consumers. Robert irlinger believes that BMW still needs a process and space for progress. At the beginning, the normal range of I3 battery is 130 km to 160 km, because the car is positioned as an urban vehicle. However, the customer's idea is that the longer the mileage, the better. Therefore, BMW believes that it is necessary to carry out a second battery upgrade as soon as possible. The upgrading efficiency of the chemical battery is very high. The 94 ampere hour battery on the I3 has increased the mileage by 50% in the first upgrade. The 120 ampere hour battery can be increased by another 30% after one upgrade

the European electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle market increased by 37% last year, but the global sales of BMW I3 and I8 increased by only 15% last year. Robert believes that at present, the lower pressure plate installed on the worktable of BMW comes from the plug-in hybrid vehicle series. Among these models, there is a wider range of models to choose from, and the sales volume is much higher. What we need to see this year is the sales of I3 equipped with 120 ampere hour batteries. Robert means: "Because the battery with high energy density has increased the range, the purchase rate of I3 with 60 ampere hour in Europe has dropped from 50% to 25%. We believe that with the emergence of 120 ampere hour version, the demand for the old version of I3 will further decline. Therefore, we will no longer provide the range extender version from November, but it will continue to be supplied in other markets such as the United States. However, although the range has increased, the infrastructure construction is still in progress on the whole Not in place, so the purchase rate of the new I3 is still as high as 70%. "

when talking about competitors Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes Benz, etc. launching electric vehicles one after another, Robert's response is: "the electric vehicle market in 2019 is not worth worrying about. Considering the high prices of these vehicles, our competitors will produce at least 40000 electric vehicles next year. I don't believe they can achieve this lifetime production. Maybe these competitors will produce at full speed in the second year and surpass us. But in 2020, we will launch more competitive ix3, inext and I4."

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