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On December 2, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. held a step by step 2010 Epson large format printer new product launch in Beijing, officially releasing three new products: desktop a2+ format Epson stylus Pro 4910, a1+ format Epson stylus Pro 7908 and b0+ format Epson stylus Pro 9908. Epson stylus Pro 4910 redefines the performance of a2+ format inkjet printer with faster printing speed and wider color gamut. Epson stylus Pro 7908 and Epson stylus Pro 9908 also have industry-leading printing speed and output quality, which can meet the segmentation needs of customers in the large print volume industry. The launch of three new products further consolidated Epson's leading position in the large format printer market

epson stylus Pro 4910 redefines the performance of a2+ format inkjet printer by virtue of the combination of 11 color Aipu life color HDR pigment ink and the new generation TFP micro piezoelectric print head. It provides a new choice of expert output quality to meet the segmentation needs of users in professional imaging, digital proofing, advertising design, art reproduction and other industries

epson stylus Pro 4910 uses 11 color HDR pigment ink of Aipu life, which has higher color concentration and wider color gamut space. Pantone color card color matching system has a coverage of 98% (1301 colors), which can make photos more colorful, more accurate and smoother. Epson's new generation TFP micro piezoelectric print head is optimized for the living color HDR pigment ink, which can produce a minimum of 3.5pl of ink drops, and can accurately control the shape of ink drops, so as to obtain higher precision, sharpness and particle free printing effect. The number of nozzles of the print head has also increased from 180 to 360 per color, and each move can print a larger area. On the basis of not sacrificing images and seeing that we have such a strong after-sales team effect, the printing speed has been greatly improved. In addition, the Epson stylus Pro 4910 Professional Edition launched at the same time is equipped with a spectroproffer spectrophotometer, which can improve the professional color management workflow through automatic color correction. Compared with the manual workflow, the speed, accuracy and economy are greatly improved

Epson stylus Pro 7908/9908 and its professional edition can provide industry-leading output speed and quality to meet the growing requirements of various industries for higher printing speed and higher quality colors. As a powerful tool for large format output across industries, they can fully meet the printing speed needs of customers in Large Print industries such as photography, art reproduction, digital proofing, cad/gis, etc

epson stylus Pro 7908/9908 is also equipped with a new generation of TFP micro piezoelectric print head technology, and has been improved for Epson century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink, which not only ensures high-quality printing, but also greatly improves the speed, easily meeting the segmentation needs of customers in the high-volume printing industry. At the same time, the 9-color century rainbow K3 VM pigment ink, combined with the new Epson LUT technology, can maximize the use of color gamut and improve the ink utilization rate. It can not only ensure the color fidelity, but also effectively eliminate the sense of particles, eliminate the phenomenon of the same color spectrum, ensure the smooth transition of color scales between colors, and truly realize what you see is what you get

Epson has always adhered to the spirit of innovation, has always been working in the market, and continues to provide users in various fields with better products and more considerate services. This time, Epson has promoted three new products with fierce market economy of plastic pipes in China, which have enriched the high, medium and low-end product lines of Epson large format printers, thus forming a more comprehensive product family and further strengthening the competitiveness of Epson large format printers in various market segments

Epson (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, headquartered in Beijing, and is responsible for the overall investment and business expansion of Epson in China. In may2004, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. became the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China to obtain the qualification of regional headquarters with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce of China. At present, Epson has invested more than 6.7 billion yuan in China, with 15 manufacturing, logistics, sales and R & D institutions and nearly 30000 employees

Epson's business in China mainly includes input and output information products such as printers, scanners, projectors, system equipment, electronic components, and industrial robots. Its products have won the love of Chinese consumers for their excellent quality, energy conservation and environmental protection. Based on the Chinese market, Epson has always been in line with the concept of challenge and innovation to continuously introduce a series of advanced technologies and application solutions into China, so that Chinese consumers can keep pace with the world and enjoy the perfect experience brought by advanced digital imaging technology. Epson has continuously contributed to China's environmental protection and education, and is proud to be an excellent Chinese corporate citizen

about Epson

Epson is the world's leading digital imaging enterprise. Through innovative corporate culture, it is committed to providing users around the world with products and solutions that exceed their expectations and broaden their horizons. Epson's main products include printers, 3lcd projectors, electronic and crystal components. Epson is famous for its compact design, precision production, energy conservation and environmental protection. Epson 4 If the heating sample is placed in the box, the group has 106 companies around the world, with a total number of employees of more than 70000. Seiko Epson, located in Japan, is the core enterprise of Epson group. Epson is proud of its continuous contribution to the global environment and the community development in its region

2008, Epson released the 2050 environmental vision for the next era. Continuing the pace of environmental protection, Epson is working hard to achieve this challenging vision

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