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According to the news on August 19, 2014, the headquarters of the tower company, which was jointly established by the three operators, has determined the office location and plans to settle in September, which is much earlier than the previously rumored October operation

it is reported that the headquarters of the iron tower company is located in a building on Fucheng Road in the west of Beijing. Although it is a little away from the headquarters of the three major operators in the Financial Street, the heater: screw in heater is considered convenient because it is close to the subway

as previously disclosed, the tower company has determined to set up seven departments, including the general department, customer service department, construction and maintenance department, human resources department, finance department, procurement department and audit department. However, the provincial companies can also set up relevant maintenance and excellence centers according to the situation

at present, the heads of each department of the headquarters of the tower company have been determined, and the heads of provincial companies are still in the process of recruitment. The announcement of the tower company requires that the personnel participating in the recruitment should be the deputy general manager or above of the provincial branch company, and the Deputy position should have at least 2 years of working experience, work experience in charge of network construction and maintenance, or have local and municipal principal position experience; Vice provincial general manager with 3 years or above working experience in municipal branches and provincial capital branches at the government level. The personnel selected by the Ministry of industry and information technology shall have at least 2 years of working experience at the deputy bureau level and have relevant working experience in communication construction and maintenance

according to the recruitment announcement of the tower company, the employed personnel are subject to market-oriented management. The salary standard and salary structure are widely used in machinery, electronics, universities, research institutes and other industries in China. They are determined through the market mechanism and linked to work performance. (Kangzhao)

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