The heat resistance of some fresh-keeping paper pa

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After testing, the heat resistance of some fresh-keeping paper passed the test. The Consumer Council tested 16 fresh-keeping paper on the market. Although all samples passed the test due to the same release of impurities from the two hosts, 5 samples did not indicate the type of rubber, 6 samples did not indicate the applicable temperature, and 4 samples lacked the production date and shelf life data. The Consumer Council believed that the manufacturer of fresh-keeping paper needed to list the data on the package, Consumers can choose different manufacturers to use access, word, Excel, reader, notepad and other frequently used operation software to record experimental data and "fresh" freshness of curves

at the same time, the Consumer Council also tested whether there would be harmful substances in the fresh-keeping paper. The results showed that all samples performed well in the impurity release test, and all the past fixtures generally learned from the relevant departments that the mechanical locking part can pass the 100 degree heat resistance test without softening, deformation or hot melting

source: Hong Kong Wen Wei Po

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