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As we all know, packaging (including outer packaging and inner packaging) is an essential factor in the production and sales of Baijiu, and its role is increasingly obvious. Relevant information shows that since the early 1990s, major liquor enterprises have begun to make an issue of packaging in order to improve their competitiveness. Judging from the market development in recent years, packaging has become multifarious, and the role of packaging in enterprise investment promotion and market sales is more obvious. Some enterprises have even taken packaging as a sharp weapon to compete with their competitors. Therefore, Baijiu packaging is becoming a concern of many manufacturers. Based on this, from this issue, we will launch a series of special reports on Baijiu packaging issues concerned by the majority of Baijiu manufacturers, and invite celebrities in the industry to discuss them. These topics are the development trend prediction of Baijiu packaging, how to effectively combine packaging and management, the current situation and trend investigation of Baijiu packaging in various regions of the country, and the hot questions and answers about Baijiu packaging. Please pay attention to it

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participating guests:

senior designer of Chengdu Wanyu packaging design and Research Office Wan Yu

General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Yongsheng Shaofang sales company Wang Qi

aiting of Zhejiang Shangyuan food and Beverage Co., Ltd.

Baijiu marketing expert he Zuqi

Art Director of Shenzhen yalilong packaging company Liu Tao

marketing consultant of Anhui Tianfang group Liu Sheng

host: you are very welcome to participate We are in this discussion. Recently, many Baijiu manufacturers have called us and asked us some questions about the development trend of Baijiu packaging. One is pressure. For example, manager Zhang, a Baijiu dealer in Tai'an, Shandong, said, "in the case of serious homogenization of Baijiu, Baijiu packaging does have a great attraction for us and consumers, but we want to choose packaging with development prospects. So we want to know what kind of packaging will become the mainstream." Manager Liu of a distillery in Sichuan called and said that they want to launch a new series, in which the packaging is planned to be carefully designed, so they want to know about some development trends of Baijiu packaging, so as to improve the competitiveness of the brand in many ways. So our focus in this issue is on the development trend of Baijiu packaging

when it comes to Baijiu packaging, everyone first talks about the overall macro trend. Therefore, we will first discuss the development trend of Baijiu packaging from a macro perspective in order to have a grasp of it as a whole

pursue high-grade

main Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery owners. I found that the owner of my own plastic extrusion machinery: summarizing the content of our early investigation, Baijiu packaging as a whole will move towards high-grade, which is recognized by many people in the industry. For this point of view, I would like to invite you to express your own views

Liu Tao: from the cooperation between wineries and packaging companies in recent years, it is not difficult to see that many wineries are currently pursuing a high-end packaging, which is concentrated in some medium and high price brands. This kind of high-grade is mainly reflected in the selection of packaging materials, the selection and design of technology and the overall design idea. At present, few people choose any material for simple design on the outer packaging. Even for low-grade wine, some people are also very concerned about this. Everyone is chasing the high-end, cutting-edge, fashionable and exquisite printing of materials, that is, competing for the attention of consumers and businesses on the outer packaging. This trend has appeared in recent years and is expected to become a mainstream in the next few years

host: Yes, when we interviewed president Wu of other packaging companies, such as Shenzhen boxinglong packaging design company, his view was the same. As a distributor of famous brands such as Swellfun and elite, I wonder what manager AI thinks? What do you think is the most fundamental reason for the upscale packaging of Baijiu

aiting: from the market and the twice yearly sugar and wine fair, we also see that various grades of Baijiu are striving to make themselves appear high-end in packaging. In order to highlight the brand grade, medium and high priced Baijiu pursues exquisite and luxurious packaging. In order to compete with brands at the same price or expand the operation space, low-grade liquor in the county market is also hard to make a few yuan of liquor very luxurious. I think the fundamental reason is that now people's appreciation level is constantly improving, and the packaging requirements are more stringent than before. Therefore, the cooperation between Baijiu packaging and comprehensive steel-making plant is also determined by the consumption demand of the market. The consumption demand is constantly improving, and the packaging of Baijiu should also keep up with the trend. But at the same time, we should also see that some brands excessively pursue the so-called high-end and gorgeous packaging, which may backfire. I think we should determine our packaging according to our brand positioning. The upscale packaging is not suitable for all brands, and the value orientation of the brand itself should be fully considered

Liu Sheng: indeed. For example, the price of a new brand produced by a factory is about 50 yuan. If the factory uses high-end porcelain bottle packaging, plus brocade boxes outside, in a word of conscience, as consumers, no one will buy such wine, because consumers know that a bottle of Baijiu is only 50 yuan, and the packaging cost accounts for almost half, then the quality of Baijiu must be greatly reduced. Whether to buy wine or packaging, of course, Will eventually give up choosing this brand with "moisture". So I personally think that the packaging of Baijiu will move towards high-end, which may be the action of a few high-end brands or wineries that want to build luxury brands. The packaging should be mainly for eye consumption and differentiation services. When a school of high-end packaging is popular, then low-end packaging or simple and cheap packaging is likely to become the competition of Baijiu. 4. Experimental power accuracy: better than ± 1% of the indicated value, making people feel value for money. "High for a long time, low for a long time, high", which is also the law of contradiction transformation. I personally believe that the so-called high-end packaging of Baijiu does not necessarily reflect the luxury of its packaging, but more importantly, it should be able to improve the added value of products or brands. Only the packaging trend extending to this aspect is more rational, otherwise it will easily become a bottleneck that restricts sales. For example, to improve the cultural literacy of packaging itself, such packaging is also high-end packaging. There is a distinction between high-end packaging and luxury packaging, and tasteful packaging may not be set off by luxury

host: in fact, the upscale trend we are talking about does not mean how gorgeous and noble it will be in the future. The key is to be more harmonious and perfect than before in terms of the overall image. High grade wine will highlight its wealth, and medium and low-grade wine will show its gorgeous appearance and appear affordable and not impetuous

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