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Prediction of the future development trend of the printing industry: talent training and education and digital printing are inevitable.

trend 1: the printing industry has begun to promote the transformation of production development and utilization assessment from traditional manufacturing to service industry.

many investigators have reported on the printing needs of customers. The relevant person in charge of the China Automobile Industry Association once said that a new strategy must be adopted. They encouraged printing enterprises not only to stay in the printing and processing of products, but to further narrow the distance with customers and establish a new image of value-added service enterprises in the market

the head of an image communication organization commented on this view that printing enterprises need to change the traditional concept and mode and focus on solutions and services rather than product sales. The enterprise marketing manager does not need a quotation book, but a complete set of solutions that can convey information to potential customers. Identify the real needs of customers and guide them to choose new products. Recently, I witnessed a simple but very efficient solution model. The scheme provided by a printing enterprise for a wine company helped it create a soaring sales volume by changing the content of the printed label on the outer package of the wine bottle, which won the extreme favor of consumers. Small changes have a big impact. Of course, the change of thinking mode requires time and resources. However, if your company is recognized by the comfort field of the city as a manufacturing company connected with high value-added rather than providing printing products, this effort is very worthwhile. The printing industry is bound to shift from the traditional product manufacturing industry to the service industry that provides a complete set of solutions in the future

trend 2: on demand printing is one of the inevitable trends in the future

many investigators have realized that with the development of digital printing technology, the number of short edition and on-demand printing is gradually increasing, and this change makes the traditional printing volume begin to shrink

a case that can well illustrate this change is that on-demand printing is popular in many foreign colleges and universities. For these schools, it is not economical to buy tens of thousands of textbooks every year, but with digital printing technology, colleges and universities can print necessary textbooks according to actual needs, and also revise and upgrade the contents of textbooks when necessary

trend 3: value-added printing products are gradually increasing

feedbacks emphasize that customers' demand for printed products related to new functions and added value is increasing. Ed boogard, a freelance writer in the printing industry, believes that customers' demand for value-added printing exceeds that of digital printing. For example, for many people, they like to enjoy printed photos in special places. Browsing photos through the computer is absolutely different from picking up photo albums or photo album books with their hands. Similarly, periodicals and magazines are becoming more and more versatile, especially in the field of digital printing

trend 4: the interactive function of printing is further obvious

whether it comes to journals and magazines, commercial printing or packaging, QR QR codes, personalized URLs or augmented reality technology, there are many ways to interact with printing in the current market. At the same time, there are not a few products that seamlessly connect with digital communication

Cary Sherburne, senior manager of whattheythink, an authoritative media in the U.S. printing and publishing industry, said: printing enterprises have realized the threat of digitalization to the printing industry, and gradually began to worry about the traditional printing mode of enterprises. In fact, this trend will continue to develop regardless of whether traditional printing enterprises are going digital or not. Taking an interactive form may expand the value of printed products, and it is not difficult to realize this way technically. In addition, adding tablet computers and intelligent software functions to a printed brochure to display more rich content such as videos and recordings can effectively expand the company's turnover and win customers' loyalty to the enterprise

trend 5: packaging and label printing will continue to be strong

the survey results show that the volume of commercial printing in the United States will continue to decline, while packaging and label printing will happen to be the opposite. For example, an investigator said that no matter how the digitalization will develop in the future, you can never download an ice cream from your computer. Instead, you always need to package it before you receive it

but some environmentalists are pushing small packaging. Does this mean that the packaging and printing market will become smaller? The answer is no need. You may only see the packaging shrinkage of Easter eggs, but this is not the terminator of packaging and printing enterprises. There are many areas in the market that need innovative packaging design. Packaging designers and manufacturers can bring added value through creative packaging. The eye-catching shape packaging design can always win the favor of consumers. One investigator said

trend 6: green environmental protection has become the main battlefield

the survey shows that green environmental protection will become more important, and which enterprises that have obtained relevant green printing certification will win a big cake in the future competitive market

for this topic, investigators suggest that all enterprises related to paper products should pay more attention to environmental protection. Especially with the impact of digital development, enterprises that have obtained green certification will always have more opportunities than those that have not

in public view, although the effect of paper products is not as bad as people think, paper is still considered a bad boy. The reason is very simple. For example, the number of trees planted in the United States is always more than that cut down every year. In contrast, digital products do not involve these, because many people have not realized the harm of e-waste to the environment. Electronic product manufacturing enterprises have won a lot of benefits for their market position. They practice their commitment to green environmental protection through environmental protection creativity

trend 7: training, education and digitalization are inevitable

during the survey, almost everyone from the printing industry talked about the currently developing technology. This means that there is an opportunity to sell relevant products to people in all links of the printing industry to make profits, because many printing enterprises know little about these technologies, which provides a good opportunity for the synchronous development of training and education in the printing industry

ed BOOGAARD added that it was useless to resist digitalization. The advent of digital technology is an inevitable product of historical development. Printing and digital can complement each other. Printing enterprises and equipment manufacturing suppliers should focus on the market where printing products can play a decisive role but digitalization cannot

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