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Prediction of the development of China's pulp and paper industry in 2002

I. pulp and paper

from the perspective of the world economy, due to the 9.11 terrorist attacks, the economic situation of the United States in 2002 was uncertain, the economic recovery of Japan was far away, and the state of low economic growth in Europe was also difficult to change. Therefore, the world economy in 2002 is not optimistic

although China has become an important force in the world commodity pulp market, we should also be aware that China is not enough to play a leading role. As the pulp price in the third quarter of this year has been confirmed as the bottom, large paper mills have filled their positions; There is evidence that speculators inside and outside the industry have begun to build positions at this price

every time traditional pulp traders raise pulp prices next year, they will bring shipping opportunities to these speculators, which will also bring some uncertain factors to China's pulp spot market next year

Second, what we need to do is to resolve the situation. Waste paper

from the perspective of production and projects under construction, the production of several paper machines this year and several large carton paper machines next year will make the waste paper import in 2002 reproduce the madness of this year

III. carton board

in 2002, carton board will be the most competitive among all kinds of paper. The production capacity of more than 1million tons put into operation in 2000 will reach the standard in 2002. The paper machine put into operation in 2001 will release the production capacity in 2002. In 2002, large paper machines such as nine dragons and Liwen will be put into operation. The excessive concentration of new production capacity will make the market competition white hot. Therefore, some coastal paper mills should actively explore overseas markets, which will be a good strategy to balance the market. Imported carton board paper will continue to be besieged by domestic paper. The import decline in 2002 will be determined. The quality of people and materials are strictly controlled by the state, and will not be lower than this year

IV. corrugated paper

in view of the small number of large projects under construction of domestic high-strength corrugated paper recently, corrugated paper is likely to become the only paper type with increased import volume in 2002 again. If nine dragons phase III is put into production on time and produces corrugated paper immediately, it will inhibit the growth rate of corrugated paper import

v. coated paper

there is no problem that the market demand for coated paper in China increased by more than double digits in 2002. Even if Chenming 200000 tons of coated paper was put into production in 2002, the domestic production capacity could not meet the market requirements, and there is no new paper machine under construction recently. Therefore, it is difficult to change the situation that Jindong coated paper dominates the Chinese market in three to five years, The market trend of Chinese coated paper in 2002 will mainly depend on the operation of Jindong and the impact of Korean coated paper on the Chinese market

VI. publishing paper

the publishing paper factory that reached the environmental protection standard in 2002 has the brightest smile. This is actually their due reward for their commitment to environmental protection. With the shutdown of the pulping system of enterprises that fail to meet the environmental protection standards, not only in the product market, but also in the scrap market on the 8th, there is a steady rise in the raw material market, which has opened up space for them. In view of the fact that not many publishing paper equipment has been put into production or under construction recently, the market prospect of publishing paper in 2002 is bright. However, the paper mills for primary and secondary school textbooks should pay attention to that in 2002, not only can they not improve the grade of products, but also they should cooperate with the publishing house to implement the task of reducing students' burden

VII. Paper

with the entry of several emerging enterprises in 2002, the pressure on traditional state-owned old factories will increase. And as the deadline of anti-dumping sliding tax rate approaches, domestic paper mills will feel the threat of foreign paper again

VIII. White card paper

the emergence of new production capacity in 2002 will break the market pattern of white card paper, the market will be reconfirmed and subdivided, and the import of white card, especially non tobacco white card, will decline significantly

IX. whiteboard

the fatigue of Whiteboard in 2002 will continue. Not only will the new output disturb the market, but also the new production capacity of white faced cow cards will crowd out part of the whiteboard market. Recently, it has been reported that a paper mill in the north that has never produced whiteboard has a plan to build a new 200000 ton paper machine. It is hoped that such enterprises can seriously demonstrate the whiteboard project

2002 is the first year of China's entry into WTO. Opportunities and challenges coexist. At a time when the world's papermaking industry is in recession, China's papermaking industry is unique, which can not be said to benefit from the vigorous development of China's economy and the potential of the market. Chinese paper-making enterprises should make full use of the opportunities brought by reform and opening up and China's entry into the WTO, narrow the gap with developed countries, and become one of the world's paper-making powers, worthy of our four great inventions

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