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The four directions of TV products in 2019 are predicted: OLED, 8K, QD, oversize

recently, the operating results of TV brands in 2018 have been announced one after another. The operating performance of various brands is different, and the sales volume of overseas brands has decreased, but the operating profit margin remains high. Obviously, they maintain high profits by sacrificing part of their sales volume; Due to the downturn of the domestic market and the fierce competitive environment, the brand performance and operation of domestic brands have been differentiated, and the profit margin of some brands has increased, while others have decreased or lost money. From CES at the beginning of the year to awe recently, brand manufacturers have launched new products with a high profile. Sigmaintell believes that the trend of TV products in 2019 will focus on four directions: OLED, 8K, QD and super large size. The market development and competition pattern changes around the "new product competition" will also begin. The specific analysis is as follows:

first, a new generation of display technology - OLED TV is growing steadily

OLED TV can be described as a new generation of TV display technology products in recent years and in the future, including LGE, Skyworth Konka, Changhong and other brands began to launch, Sony and other Japanese brands joined in 2017, Loewe, arcelic and other European brands joined in 2018, and Hisense joined in 2019 with the slogan of "better OLED". As the panel resources are exclusively supplied by LGD, the unit price is too high and the production capacity is limited, the sales volume in 2019 is expected to be 3.5 million units, an increase of about 1million units, of which the main sales areas are the United States and Europe, and the sales volume in China is expected to be 340000 units, accounting for less than 10% in the world

second, the highest resolution - 8K TV market breakthrough

8k TV is the highest resolution TV product at present. After 4K TV penetration rate reaches 40%, Samsung, Sony, Hisense, TCL and other brands will be launched in 2018. Samsung's layout size is mainly 65/75/82/85/98 inches. It took the lead in listing in Europe in October 2018. At present, it has been listed in all regions of the world. It has the earliest listing time and the most complete layout size. Hisense and TCL will also launch 65/75 inch 8K products, and Sony will also start selling 85/98 inch 8K TVs

in terms of content, although the current shooting content and equipment are still stretched, NHK began to broadcast 8K programs in Japan in December 2018, which can be described as an important step. The Chinese government also launched the action plan for the development of ultra high definition video industry (201 press the "power" button on the force measuring device panel to turn on the light to prove that power supply has started from 9 to 2022) It aims to promote the coordinated development of industries and improve the output value of UHD industrial chain by strengthening the layout and investment of industrial chains such as content tensile strength production and broadcasting, transmission and promotion

with the increasingly abundant supply resources of panel manufacturers, the promotion of policies and the improvement of industrial chain resources, and the synchronous promotion of 5g transmission technology, sigmaintell predicts that the global overall shipment of 8K TVs will be nearly 200000 units in 2019 and up to 1million units in 2020, which can be naturally degraded within one month under normal circumstances

III. high image quality - QD and 8K are moving towards integration

qd TV is a high-end product focused on the layout of major brands in recent years, but due to its high price and competition with oledtv, its sales have been relatively limited. In 2019, Samsung Electronics will launch products combining qled and 8K, with the main size of 65/75/82/98 inches, and also launch more series of QD 4K TVs. In addition, domestic brands such as Hisense and TCL will also continue to launch new QD TVs. Sigmaintell predicts that the global QD TV market will reach 4.72 million units in 2019

IV. there are variables in the expansion competition pattern of ultra large size market

the development speed of ultra large size market has accelerated significantly since 2018. According to sigmaintell's global TV manufacturers' shipment and supply chain analysis report, the global TV market of 70 inches and above delivered 3.41 million units in 2018, an increase of 58.3% year-on-year. In the super large size, 70/75/82/85 inches are comparable to 86 inches focusing on the IWB market

70 inches enables all staff to have a happy and peaceful 2018 Spring Festival, which is the main supply product of sharp SDP G10 generation. However, with the gradual decline of sharp brand in the terminal market, SDP began to sell its 60 and 70 inch panels at the end of 2018, promoting the introduction of domestic brands Skyworth, Konka and TCL; Rainbow optoelectronics g8.6 also began mass production of 70 inch panels and officially joined the oversized supply chain. It can be predicted that in 2019, in addition to overseas brands LGE and sharp, 70 inch products of domestic brands will continue to emerge, and the market scale of 70 inches will be expanded

another thing worth mentioning is 82 inches. In 2018, the global sales scale of 82 inch TVs exceeded 200000, and the main brand is Samsung Electronics, making 82 inches a new star in the super large size market. In 2019, Samsung SDC actively planned 82 inch panels, and mass produced 82 inch panels, driving LGE, Skyworth, Hisense, TCL and other brands to layout 82 inch products. Since 82 inches has higher economic benefits in the G7 ~ 7.5 generation, it will form a competitive relationship with 80 inches or even 75 inches, and the market scale of 82 inches will gradually expand

in addition, with the mass production of the world's second generation 10.5, the scale effect of 75 inches will gradually become prominent, and its growth trend in the TV and IWB markets is also unstoppable. Sigmaintell believes that the global super large-scale competition has just begun in 2019, and there will be many variables in the future competition pattern

on the whole, in the face of the market situation in 2019, TV brand manufacturers have adjusted their product strategies in order to improve the profit margin, and strive to find a balance between ensuring the scale and increasing the proportion of high-end products. In addition to the above product layout, the human-computer interaction function will be strengthened in the aspects of chip performance improvement and remote control function integration; Through the panel and whole machine design of borderless, the appearance design is improved, and the penetration rate of full screen TV is expected to increase significantly. High configuration and beautiful appearance design will help to improve product premium and profitability

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