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Prediction of the development potential of the future online printing market

with the continuous development of Internet technology, submitting, reviewing and tracking printing orders through the online printing system has gradually become a normal situation for printing enterprises

the proportion of online printing in the total revenue of commercial printing in the United States will increase from 15% in 2009 to 30% in 2014. Compared with the data ten years ago (2000), this proportion has increased five times. At that time, the proportion of technology development in the total revenue of commercial printing was only 3%. By 2014, of the total commercial printing revenue of US $107billion, US $31billion will come from the network printing system

obviously, the printing industry has significantly increased its attention to the Internet, and offset printing giants represented by Heidelberg and Manroland have also seen the huge potential of this market

Heidelberg will officially launch the web to print production system

in early 2011, Heidelberg, together with red tie and tharstern, jointly launched a web to print production system that can rapidly release NH3 and centralize, process and distribute live parts. This software is the result of the sincere cooperation of the three companies, and was officially released at the open day event held in Heidelberg from February 9 to 10, 2011

lance o Connell, the manager in charge of Prinect and CTP business of Heidelberg company, said that the whole industry is entering the closed-loop production stage, and it is of special significance for them to launch the web-based printing system at this time

MAN Roland and cooperated with redtie company on web printing

in 2010, MAN Roland company announced to cooperate with redtie company, an expert of web printing (W2P), and will launch web printing solutions to the whole printing industry. This cooperation was officially released at the IPEX exhibition held in April last year, and redtie is responsible for training the sales staff of Roland

according to Norman Revill, general manager of MAN Roland, they will first try to cooperate in the UK. If successful, it will put forward requirements for the joint cooperation of tensile testing machine enterprises and promote it to other countries

Hewlett Packard tapped the great potential of web printing

also in early 2011, the marketing and advertising technology exhibition held by Hewlett Packard and redtie in London exhibited the latest web printing system with a lifting lug width of 30mm and the great potential of digital printing. Redtie is a famous supplier of online printing technology. This cooperation with HP Indigo is to achieve the efficient output of personalized marketing materials

Julia Cole, marketing manager of HP Indigo in the UK and Ireland, said that many well-known brands in the world are participating in market competition and producing cross media marketing materials in the one digital printing and networking printing system

in order to let customers better understand the benefits of online printing and digital printing, HP and redtie also produced the promotional materials of Coca Cola Israel at this exhibition. Merav Dvori, the latter's catalog marketing manager, commented: our idea is to let consumers participate in brand activities in a new way

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