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The following is an excerpt from the in-depth analysis and Research Report of the cigarette paper industry. For the full text, please contact Shenzhen UBS information company, a professional organization based on field research and committed to in-depth analysis of the industry. The company's clients include domestic private equity funds, securities consulting institutions, etc. This report does not study the trend of the secondary market. If you want to consult the operation of the secondary market, please contact the securities consulting agency

As a special kind of paper, cigarette paper occupies a high position in tissue paper. At the same time, as a cigarette material, it also occupies a place in the tobacco industry. Cigarette paper for machine-made cigarettes is called cigarette tray paper, and cigarette paper for hand rolled cigarettes is called flat cigarette paper. The production technology of cigarette paper has its particularity and difficulty. Only a few countries in the world can produce it. At present, the global consumption of cigarette paper is about 300000 tons, one third of which is produced in China, and the other 200000 tons are produced in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Jinan, respectively. Manager yuan of the trial sales department said that Spain, Japan, Indonesia, the United States and other places

in the past year, the global cigarette paper market has undergone great changes. Different from the situation of excessive production in previous years, the production capacity of cigarette paper in the world has been adjusted, and even there has been a shortage. With the awakening of awareness of unsafe environment and the increase of labor disputes, many have turned to other high-quality paper supplies. In the past 12 months, the excess output has been reduced, and there has been a shortage of cigarette paper production. Italian manufacturers withdrew from cigarette paper production plants and unexpectedly sold it to metal conversion companies. For the cigarette paper industry, it seems a little unusual for a non competitor to acquire a company in the industry. However, the second acquisition of American paper manufacturers last summer was more specifically aimed at the shrinking market

ranking of Companies in the cigarette paper industry

the world's first cigarette paper manufacturer is Schweitzer mauduet of France, and the second is trierenberg group of Austria. These two enterprises play an important role in the global production of cigarette paper. The annual output of Shi weice - Moody's is more than 70000 tons, accounting for 23% of the global share; The annual output of Trenberth group is about 50000 tons, accounting for 16% of the global share. The production capacity and scale of other cigarette paper production enterprises in the world are relatively small, such as ecusta in the United States, Schoeller Hoesch in Germany, Glantz in the United Kingdom, Robert Fletcher in the United Kingdom, and enterprises in Italy, Spain, Indonesia and other countries. The total output remains at the level of 80000 to 100000 tons

the top five cigarette paper manufacturers in China are: Yunnan Hongta Lanying paper, Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper, Sichuan Jinfeng paper, Hangzhou Huafeng paper, Jiaxing Minfeng paper

China's cigarette production accounts for 32% of the world's cigarette production, ranking first in the world, but the export volume is small, mainly supplying the domestic market. In 2003, the consumption of cigarette paper in China was about 96000 tons. Cigarette paper imports account for about 10% of consumption

tipping paper is a cigarette packaging material used as the outer packaging of filter tip cigarette stick, which belongs to special industrial paper. It is named for its appearance similar to pine wood grain. Tipping paper is in direct contact with smokers' lips, so the printing ink and coating of tipping paper must be non-toxic, meet food hygiene standards, and have certain water resistance and wet strength. According to the different processing technology, tipping paper is divided into printing tipping paper and coating tipping paper. Printed tipping paper is printed by gravure printing process, with beautiful surface, good leveling and high technical requirements, which is suitable for medium and high-grade cigarettes; Coated tipping paper is processed by coating process. The process is simple, and the surface pattern quality and levelness are worse than those of printed tipping paper. It is often used in low-grade cigarettes

tipping paper has developed rapidly in China in recent years, with great development and innovation in function and use. Cigarette factories do not limit the use of tipping paper to packaging, pay more attention to its decoration, and have higher requirements for the printing aesthetics of tipping paper. Tipping paper has developed from a single monochrome variety to multi-color products, and the proportion of multi-color products has increased year by year. In terms of varieties, the market share of printed tipping paper has exceeded that of coated tipping paper. With the growing voice of cigarette health and environmental protection, as one of the important means to reduce tar content and reduce the harm of smoking, electrostatic and laser perforated tipping paper has developed rapidly, especially laser perforated tipping paper has become an important development direction in the future. In addition, tipping paper is also used by some cigarette factories as anti-counterfeiting technology for cigarette anti-counterfeiting. The main domestic tipping paper manufacturers include Zhejiang Longyou Mande tipping paper company, Yunnan Yuxi tipping paper factory, etc

domestic demand and export

Why are domestic cigarette paper manufacturers making major investments to expand productivity? The fundamental reason lies in the growing domestic and export demand

first, the state tobacco monopoly administration, the regulator of China's tobacco industry, has proposed that Chinese manufacturers produce cigarette paper as an import substitute. In an interview with Chinese media, fuxuefang, the business manager of the third division of Huafeng Paper marketing department, said, "in order to replace imported cigarette paper, we are trying to improve the quality of our products."

the tobacco industry has been carrying out basic structural reform. On January 14, in a speech at the National Tobacco work conference held in Beijing, jiangchengkang, director of the state tobacco monopoly administration, put forward the proposal of "merging" 10 large tobacco manufacturing enterprise groups serving from two first-class bases and developing 10 large competitive cigarette brands ". Under this policy, Chinese tobacco manufacturers are gradually realizing the importance of focusing their existing products on famous and high-quality brands. The market demand for low-grade cigarette paper will gradually decrease, while the demand for high-grade cigarette paper will increase. "The purpose of installing the new production line is to improve product quality and increase. 1. The lifting and lowering parts of the jaw position of the electronic tensile testing machine should be kept clean at any time, lubricate the output, meet the production needs of China's large tobacco manufacturing enterprises, and meet the needs of the merger or development of competitive larger cigarette brands," Fu said. "This cleaning method: loosening the motor fixing screws is an opportunity for high-quality manufacturers like us. Large and competitive cigarette brands need stable supporting materials. Tobacco manufacturers want cigarette paper products that reduce tar content and other harmful substances, so high air permeability cigarette paper is very popular.

Chinese government authorities and domestic and foreign manufacturers all hope to make China a success." For a large cigarette paper manufacturing base, and thus to the international market. China has been improving localized cigarette paper production, and the state tobacco monopoly administration announced its intention to export cigarette paper. At the same time, foreign investors have high expectations for the local cigarette paper market. Relatively cheap labor and production costs are also very attractive. "Moving factories to China" has become a major part of this agenda

tobacco manufacturers prefer products with high added value and technical content. The annual domestic demand for A-class products in China is 70000 to 80000 tons, while the current output has reached 120000 tons

therefore, Chinese cigarette paper manufacturers are full of confidence and hope for the future development. "We have high expectations for the Chinese market," said andychungchin Tang, technical manager of Schweitzer mauduit's Asian representative office. "Part of the efforts to develop technology in the cigarette paper manufacturing industry is to meet the market demand. Because China's market needs high-quality paper products. If we can meet this market demand, we can sell our products to the markets of other countries or regions. The Chinese market needs the supply of many products, which not only means a challenge to us, but also, more importantly, means that we will have many opportunities."

source: Oriental Fortune

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