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Pro/engineer software learning experience summary

1 D: Double click the T File under proe2001bin, and the super installation of PROE2001 will begin. This process is almost the same as the initial installation of proe. Specify the license file, specify the path of pro/help file and browser, specify the default working directory of proe startup, and so on. All installation parameters can be re specified now. After installation, the icon of PROE2001 is generated in the start> program menu. Click it, and PROE2001 can be started

2. Wildfire shows the waterfall menu of PROE2001? Answer: menu application = "inheritance

3. An example of the wildfire version drew a roar of laughter - how can the European 2 handcart yard be changed into Chinese in order to sell at a good price? Answer: put help in config_ translation,dialog_ translation,dialog_ Translation is set to yes. Add lang = CHS to the environment variable

4. How to operate the toroidal bend in the wildfire? A: insert ----- advanced ----- toroidal bend

5. How to enlarge the font and all words of the marker post: change the configuration file and add it manually: Text_ height_ Factor 40 the smaller the number, the larger the character, ha ha

6. I ask a weak question, how to make a datum plane through two curves in the wild fire, and it's useless to press Ctrl or shift

answer: two curves must be in the same plane, and 3D curve is not acceptable. Even two straight lines may not be able to make a datum plane, because three points make a plane

7. menu_ Translate (yes, no) when running the non English version of pro/en, specify the language displayed by the Lai Dan, yes- use the local language, no- use English, both- use both the local language and English (Bilingual Lai Dan)

8. allow_ 3d_ Dimensions can be yes or no, which is used to define whether dimensions can be displayed on the shaft side diagram

9. Add template to o_ solidpart -- mmns_ part_ The solid default template becomes metric

10. Drawings: Model_ display_ for_ new_ Views set to no_ Hide, remove the hidden line display; and win the lead in the market competition tol_ Display is no, decimal_ Marker is period. In order to attach habits, set the configuration environment in o with L as the engineering drawing

11. ang_ dim_ in_ If screen Yes No (part, assembly, Sketcher) is set to yen and is displayed according to the default pan/zoom setting (select "view", "pan/zoom" and "reset") then the system will detect whether the angular dimension is visible on the screen. If it is not visible, the system will move the dimension to a visible position

12 Beijing subway and Beijing Hong Kong subway will broadcast the congestion of large passenger flow stations in real time on Weibo shaded_ postscript_ Background Yes No specifies how to deal with the background color in the eight files of the color object. Yes background is the same as the screen color when saving the view. N0 sets the background to clear. notes; If wireframe objects are white, (their default color), they are invisible

13. set_ menu_ The width integer (range is) (default =8) controls the width of the Lai Dan according to the displayed characters. The default is 8, and the Lai Dan width can be specified between the characters o. For regular pro/e orders, this option is not required. This option is useful if you need a unique name for an object or library file with more than 8 characters. If you only think about this, remember that when you place the cursor over the file name, the file name is complete in the message window

14. allow_ redo_ Intersectionsdisplay the "re intersect" command of the "assembly features" menu, allow_ refs_ to_ geom_ reps_ in_ Drws yes no

allows you to create drafting references (including dimensions, notes, and Guides) for geometric representations. However, if the geometry of the references changes, these references may become invalid. This option is available to advanced users who are aware that references to certain geometric representations cannot be updated in the drawing. antu_ assembly_ with_ Layoutsb (layout) Yes allows automatic assembly, no does not allow automatic assembly

15. sketcher_ new_ UI yes no option can display the menu in PROE2001 as an old version (such as proe2000i)

16 dialog_ Translation, which controls the Chinese and English display of the top-level menus and dialog boxes. No is English and yes is the local language. menu_ Translation controls the Chinese and English display of menus. No is displayed in English, yes is displayed in Chinese, and both is in both Chinese and English

17. The parameters of adopting high-strength fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin that I have been looking for before have finally been found, and I dare not share them exclusively: 2button_ mouse_ mmb_ support:yes_ No

yes: ctrl+shift+ left key - rotate

18 ◆ o setting method: select utilities--- preferences--&g

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