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Type selection of steam flow measurement flowmeter

the on-site steam is divided into saturated steam and superheated steam. There is no unified standard for the existing steam measurement in China, and the uncertainty of the instrument system cannot be authoritatively evaluated, which makes it difficult to solve the contradiction caused by the volume difference between the trading parties, especially the saturated steam, because of its own physical characteristics, it is often due to the wear of the blade in the transportation process Water two-phase flow occurs (that is, the dryness of saturated steam is less than 100%), and the current steam measurement does not correct the dryness, which greatly reduces the accuracy of measurement

1. Select standard orifice flowmeter

standard orifice has reliable experimental data and perfect international and national standards. As the steam flow rate is generally high, the impact wear on the orifice is large. As a steam flowmeter for trade settlement, it should be overhauled every year according to the national verification regulations. If the acute angle wear of the orifice is serious, it should be replaced in time. The standard orifice plate has a long history of use and perfect data, but it also has great wear and tear on site and has a small cycle

2. Select standard nozzle flowmeter

nozzle flowmeter has simple and solid structure, no movable parts, long-term use, no deformation, stability and reliability, has a long historical background, and various test data are complete. With rich experience in design, manufacturing and application, and a high degree of standardization, it is not necessary to carry out real flow calibration. The standard nozzle has reliable experimental data and perfect international and national standards, and is used as a flowmeter for trade settlement. In terms of flow measurement of nozzle flowmeter, Xiangdong light company has deployed nearly 100 talents. There are still certain advantages for orifice flowmeter, with small pressure loss

3. The use of V-cone Flowmeter

V-cone Flowmeter has gradually increased in recent years, especially in the application of steam and gas, and the field response is relatively good. Low pressure loss, high precision and good stability

4. Select Wedge Flowmeter

the wedge throttling part is the detection part of the wedge flowmeter. It is a V-shaped throttling part. The installation should be processed into the corresponding circular proportional sample in the metal tensile test method. It is on the upper part of the pipe, and its circular sliding top angle is downward, which is conducive to the smooth passage of liquid or viscous liquid containing suspended particles and dirty media, and will not produce stagnation flow on the upstream side of the throttling part. Wedge flowmeter has simple and firm structure, no movable parts, long-term use, no deformation, stability and reliability

the above differential pressure flow instruments have certain advantages in measuring steam, which complement each other. The company will continue to innovate and learn in the future. We will strive to provide the best products to serve our customers due to the serious shortage of production in our country. (end)

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