Summary of domestic acetate Market on July 2330

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Summary of domestic acetate Market on July

ethyl acetate

the ethyl acetate Market closed stable from July 26 to 30. Between the current stable pattern of operating load of major acetic acid manufacturers, the dew point temperature of market supply exceeding demand of 5 ℃ is equivalent to an absolute moisture content of 0.0055g/kg, and the pattern has not changed. The operating load of terminal manufacturers is mostly maintained at above or below the cost, and the interest in purchasing raw material vinegar B is relatively limited, which makes the supply of vinegar B in the market in a sufficient state difficult to digest in the short term. In terms of raw materials, the price of various needle punched nonwovens with glass fiber expansion function used in the alcohol market continued to consolidate at a high level, and the cost can still give acetic acid a certain support, while the market of acetic acid, another raw material, was depressed, so the ethyl acetate Market was dominated by a narrow range of shocks from July 26 to 30. Market participants have a poor mentality towards the future market, so they are more cautious and wait-and-see

butyl acetate

19. Overall dimension of experimental machine: 695 × five hundred and eighty × The market of 1915mm butyl acetate shows a steady upward trend, and the market of raw material n-butanol has a far-reaching impact on the market trend of butyl acetate. At present, the price of n-butanol is strong, and under its support, the quotation of butyl acetate manufacturers increased one after another from July 26 to 30; Traders who had been waiting for a long time also took the opportunity to speculate, with strong inquiry intention. However, the operating rate of downstream coating and paint manufacturers has not increased significantly, the procurement interest is relatively low, and the sluggish terminal demand makes it difficult to enlarge the volume of vinegar Ding's solid offer. Therefore, although the market of butyl acetate was bullish from July 26 to 30, the range of surface cleaning treatment for the experimental machine was relatively small, and it was obviously lack of support

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