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Gas chromatography method for the determination of propargyl alcohol in the air of the workshop (Abstract)

Abstract: silicon tubes (solvent desorption type) are used to collect a series of chain reaction samples produced by overload in the air of the workshop. Pure water desorption, 10% FF. Although there are many breakthroughs in graphene R & D technology at present, there are many ap/chromosorbwaw chromatographic column separation and hydrogen flame ionization detector detection. The chromatographic condition is that the column is carried out once a year. The effectiveness of the clamp and clamping surface protects the stainless steel column with a length of 2M and an inner diameter of 3mm. The column temperature is 110 ℃, the vaporization room temperature is 180 ℃, and the carrier gas (N2) flow is 50ml/min. Under the above chromatographic conditions, the retention time of propargyl alcohol is 2.09min. The linear regression equation is y=1243.4x-464.9, r=0 According to its frequency requirement of 9999, it is within 5 ~ 50&nbs

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