The hottest XCMG brothers tower Qi shoulder battle

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Xugong brothers tower Qi shoulder battle Yunlong Lake bright bloom

Xugong brothers tower Qi shoulder battle Yunlong Lake bright bloom

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Yunlong Lake is located in the southwest of Xuzhou City, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the city on the other side. Three Xugong tower cranes stand by Yunlong Lake in a heroic posture to help Huaxia group construction projects. XCMG gold is close to mountains and rivers, adding a bit of vitality and strength to the beauty of the scenic spot

XCMG brothers tower shoulder to shoulder combat, and the bright bloom of Yunlong Lake

the output of pure electric vehicles is 9504. As a portal market, Xuzhou area has a market share of 30%, of which, as a conventional hot-selling product of the company, this model has a local coverage of more than 90%. This model adopts special spraying line, space capsule cab with XCMG logo, etc., which is comfortable to operate, beautiful in appearance, equipped with brand-new electrical system, and reasonable layout. The export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation. The platform, guardrail and escalator are easy to maintain and eliminate the failure of force measuring piston, showing its unique humanized design, superior performance and high safety and stability

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