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Fire risk and preventive measures in public gathering places

public gathering places refer to places with dense personnel such as song and dance halls, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, market markets and so on (schools, museums). Public gathering places are generally luxuriously decorated, have large shared space, and have a large number of business goods, most of which are combustible. Once a fire occurs, it is difficult to rescue, which often leads to vicious accidents of mass death and injury. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the fire safety management of public gathering places

however, due to various reasons such as insufficient fire-fighting facilities and poor management in public gathering places, fire hazards are very prominent, fires occur frequently, and major fire accidents are also reported from time to time, causing irreparable property losses and casualties. Painful lessons continue to hit people that the computer system needs to complete the a/d conversion of one or more data channels, data calculation and waveform display to sound the alarm: fire and water are merciless, and fire safety cannot be ignored. As a fire prevention supervisor, the author believes that first of all, we should recognize the fire risk of such places, determine preventive countermeasures, and strengthen the management of such places, so as to avoid and reduce the occurrence of malignant fire accidents such as mass casualties

I. fire risk of public gathering places

1. Large building space and fast fire spread

most public gathering places contain many people and large building space, with stairwells, elevator shafts, pipe shafts, cable shafts, garbage shafts, sewage shafts and other shafts in the building, like big smoke fontanels; Ventilation ducts cross vertically and horizontally and extend to every corner of the building. In case of fire, the smoke fontanelle effect produced by the shaft will make the flame spread rapidly along the shaft and ventilation ducts, which will endanger the whole building. There are also some buildings with low fire resistance rating, and the density of booth counters is too high. Once there is a fire, it will burn the camp and cause heavy casualties

2. There are many combustibles used in business, and the fire load is large.

there are many combustibles used in public gathering places, which are prone to fire. For example, the projection room of the theater often uses the flammable liquid acetone as the bonding agent, and some old films are flammable nitrocellulose sheets; In the process of drama performance, inflammables and explosives are used to wash wigs with gasoline and ether, costume and fireworks effect; Cultural Palace and youth must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. In the navigation and aviation model room of Niangong, in order to form aviation model materials, it is necessary to use quick drying glue made of inflammables such as banana water, acetone and celluloid as adhesive. At the same time, most of the various sets and props used on the stage can be used. 4 Computers burn things. If these substances are poorly managed, they are easy to cause fires when encountering fire sources. In particular, nightclubs, dance halls, entertainment centers, karaoke music and dance cafes, etc. are decorated with a lot of wood, plastic fiber fabrics and other combustible materials to make various decorations. The fire load is large, and once a fire occurs, it is bound to burn violently and spread rapidly

large and medium-sized shopping malls and fairs have a wide range of business and a wide variety of goods, most of which are combustible goods. Once there is a fire, the loss is often huge

3. There are many electrical appliances and ignition sources

there are many electric heating appliances and ignition sources in public gathering places, such as movie theaters, song and dance halls, gymnasiums and other places. There are dozens of desk lamps, ceiling lamps, set lamps, and surface lights used in the business process, and they are large in number and power. In addition, all kinds of noisy equipment, if used improperly, it is easy to cause local overload, line short circuit and fire

most of the electrical lighting equipment in the mall is installed on the top, column and wall of the mall. Lighting has congenital constraints on the processing of plate materials. Bright lights and decorative lights are mostly installed in groups. Most of the lamps are installed in the ceiling, and ballasts are prone to heat and fire

4. High concentration of people and great fire hazard

the biggest characteristics of public gathering places are strong sociality and concentration of people. Due to the high concentration of personnel, the evacuation time is long. In case of fire, people panic, crowd each other, and the evacuation time is longer. Especially in the case of power failure, no lighting and fireworks, it will cause chaos, and the flow of people is easy to block the exit, resulting in personal accidents such as crushing, trampling and burns

some initial fires are not easy to be detected by people and cannot be put out in time and effectively, which eventually leads to major fires

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