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Fire control management measures on the construction site

1. There are obvious fire prevention and fire protection signs on the site. Fire prevention education shall be carried out for employees once a month, fire prevention inspection shall be organized regularly, and fire prevention work files shall be established

2. Electricians and welders are engaged in electrical equipment installation and electric and gas welding and cutting operations, and are equipped with operation certificates and fire certificates. Before hot work, remove combustibles nearby, and equip fire watchers and fire extinguishers. The fire permit is valid on the same day. If the location of hot work is changed, the formalities of fire permit shall be handled again

3. When using electrical equipment and inflammable and explosive materials, fire prevention measures must be strictly implemented, fire prevention principals must be appointed, and fire-fighting equipment must be equipped to ensure construction safety

4. Temporary buildings erected due to construction requirements shall meet the requirements of anti-theft and fire prevention, and flammable materials shall not be used. Wooden houses are generally not allowed on the construction site. If it is necessary to support the tower, it shall be approved by the fire supervision authority

5. The storage and storage of construction materials meet the fire safety requirements. The warehouse is supported by non combustible materials. Inflammables and explosives shall be stored in a special warehouse and classified separately to ensure ventilation. It is forbidden for workers to mix paint and thinner in the shed and warehouse

6. The work shed is not used as a warehouse, and flammable and combustible materials are not stored. Combustible materials entering the work shed due to construction needs should be limited according to the project plan, and reliable fire prevention measures should be taken. No one lives in the shed. If people need to live under special circumstances, it shall be implemented after being approved by the superior authority and signing an agreement with the construction unit, so as to clarify the management

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site. If necessary, smoking rooms with fire prevention measures

8. Electric heating appliances shall not be used at the construction site and living quarters without the approval of the security department

9. The working distance between oxygen cylinders and acetylene cylinders (tanks) shall not be less than 5m, and the working distance between two cylinders with open fire at the same time shall not be less than 10m. It is forbidden to use liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and acetylene generators in the project

10 it is understood that the construction in progress adheres to the fire safety technical disclosure system. Especially when conducting electrical welding, painting or fire prevention and other dangerous operations, the project department shall take feasible food and drug fire prevention measures to ensure construction safety

11. Take corresponding fire prevention measures for the storage and use of winter construction insulation materials. Combustible thermal insulation materials are not used in key projects and high-rise buildings determined by relevant departments

12. Fire approval

(1) approval procedure: all those engaged in electric, gas welding, cutting and other hot work operations shall have fire certificate and operation certificate. Before hot work, the fire application form for each environmental or reliability test must be filled out and signed by the foreman and the person in charge of fire prevention before it takes effect. At the same time, inflammables near the operation point must be removed and fire watchers and fire extinguishing equipment should be equipped. Otherwise, operation is not allowed. The fire permit is only valid at the designated place and within the limited time. If the location of hot work is changed, the formalities for hot work shall be handled again

(2) approval content: the fire user, time and place of fire use, fire-fighting measures, fire-fighting equipment, etc. must be indicated in the fire use approval certificate

(3) the fire use approval certificate shall be received by the fire watcher

13. Management of inflammables and explosives

(1) store in a special warehouse according to regulations, manage by a specially assigned person, and prepare sufficient fire-fighting equipment

(2) the storage and storage of construction materials should meet the fire safety requirements, and the warehouse should be supported by non combustible materials. Inflammables and explosives should be stored in a special warehouse, stored separately by classification, and kept ventilated; Electricity shall comply with fire prevention regulations

(3) chemical inflammables and compressed flammable gas containers should be set up according to their nature. Step 2: check the hardware of the computer tension machine and store it in a special warehouse by category. The fire resistance rating and fire protection requirements of the warehouse should comply with the "warehouse fire safety management principles" formulated by the Ministry of public security

(4) waste materials after use should be removed in time. It is not allowed to use the construction shed as a warehouse and store flammable and combustible materials

(5) when using inflammables and explosives, strict fire prevention measures must be taken, and the person in charge of fire prevention must be designated and equipped with fire-fighting equipment to ensure construction safety

(6) the use of electrical equipment and dangerous chemicals must comply with the technical specifications and operating procedures, strict fire prevention measures, ensure construction safety, and prohibit illegal operations

(7) open flames are prohibited in places with fire hazards. If it is really necessary to use open fire, the approval procedures must be handled with the competent department in advance, and strict fire-fighting measures must be taken to ensure safety

(8) before and after the rainstorm and typhoon, check the temporary facilities, scaffolds, electromechanical equipment and temporary lines on the construction site. If tilt, deformation, subsidence, electric leakage and other phenomena are found, they should be repaired and reinforced in time. If there is serious danger, they should be removed immediately

(9) scaffolds of high-rise buildings, chimneys, water towers, inflammable and explosive warehouses, tower cranes, pile drivers and other machinery should be equipped with temporary lightning protection devices, and the electrical switches of electromechanical equipment should be equipped with rain proof and moisture-proof facilities

(10) the use of coal stoves for heating in winter construction should meet the fire prevention requirements of the dormitory, designate a special person to be responsible for management, and take measures to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

(11) paint buckets and thinner buckets are not allowed to be close to the stove or baked with fire in winter

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