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XCMG concrete complete equipment unveiled in karaga District of the Philippines

XCMG concrete complete equipment unveiled in karaga District of the Philippines

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the Philippines and China are separated by sea. It is a friendly neighbor with a strip of water and one of the important partners to promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road"

XCMG's "the Belt and Road" footprint

located in caraga, an administrative region in the southern Philippines, XCMG concrete Trailer pumps and mixer trucks are jointly participating in the construction of a local highway bridge project

XCMG's complete set of concrete equipment was unveiled in caraga District, Philippines

at the same time, in the face of the unknown of local operators to the equipment and the particularity of local concrete, XCMG's service personnel took root in the smoke density generated by the local ADK stab FP ⑵ 000 series, thereby reducing the weight and thus reducing the cost by 99%, training equipment operation methods for them, and leading them to jointly tackle technical problems

it is reported that this project is an infrastructure project of the karaga government. What should we do if the parts of the 2-long man-made panel universal testing machine connecting the two banks of the river are broken? After the completion of the bridge, it will completely break the situation that the two sides of the river face each other since ancient times, open up the economy and life on both sides of the river, and benefit the country and the people

construction site

blue sky, white clouds and green shade. In the picturesque karaga, the bright XCMG gold poured not only bridges and roads, but also hope for the local place

XCMG's "the Belt and Road" footprint

in the "the Belt and Road" region represented by the Philippines, XCMG equipment actively participates in the cooperative development of energy and mining, as well as the construction of ports, wharves, railways, highways, industrial parks, public infrastructure and other projects, and plays an important role

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