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XCMG: yongpan core technology "Everest"

on March 18, at XCMG's intelligent manufacturing base of large tonnage loaders, XCMG's shoveling machinery division officially released "shoveling ecology +" and V series new products. The release of "shovel transportation ecology +" marks the "supply side reform" of China's construction machinery industry, which has officially entered the stage of implementation. The release of V series new products marks the official launch of China's fifth generation intelligent loaders, and comprehensively promotes the upgrading of the entire industrial chain from the aspects of R & D, technology, production, manufacturing, post market and so on, so as to promote the evolution of the industrial structure towards the middle and high end at one stroke

previously, XCMG group was approved by the Ministry of science and technology to build the third batch of enterprises "State Key Laboratory for intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery", becoming the only host enterprise selected in the industry. On this national scientific research platform, XCMG aims at "intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery", adds an innovation engine to Xuzhou "you need to know who is really looking for if the machine breaks down in the factory? Cheng Machinery City", and also provides scientific and technological support for China's high-end manufacturing to the world

"now multinational companies are approaching the middle end market from the high end with decades of brand technology experience. We must bravely leap to the middle and high end and advance to the international market." Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, believes that in the "hand-to-hand battle" for the market, only by mastering the core technology and completing the transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", can the goal of reaching the top of the industry "Mount Everest" be truly achieved

build a research institute to reserve sunshine for the "cold winter" of the industry. The "State Key Laboratory for intelligent manufacturing of high-end construction machinery" is settled in XCMG, which attaches importance to the scientific research foundation, achievements and development prospects here, and also recognizes the enterprise's perennial adherence to research and development

in 2008, XCMG invested 1billion yuan to build the Research Institute. In 2012, the Institute was established and became a provincial key laboratory

the author sees that there are more than 130 large-scale instruments and equipment in the 28500 square meter laboratory, which is divided into nine research laboratories, including transmission, structure, materials and so on. Zhaobin, President of XCMG Research Institute, said that three national science and technology awards, one national patent gold award, 28 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, 126 national invention patents, one international standard and 18 national standards were developed here, and the world's largest 1600 ton all terrain crane and 4000 ton crawler crane were developed. Today, XCMG has also established a European R & D center in Germany. With the establishment of the "National Key Laboratory", XCMG will further increase its scientific research investment and undertake more national projects

"in the golden period of industry development a few years ago, the group decisively invested in research and development ahead of schedule. Now it seems that it has reserved sunshine for the 'cold winter' facing the industry." Zhao Bin told the author that it is relying on this innovation platform that we have made this progress towards the "national level" and become the source of XCMG's growth against the trend

since last year, the sales volume of the main 8 types of construction machinery in China has decreased by nearly 50%, but XCMG's development has pulled out the positive line in the bear market: mobile cranes continue to consolidate the global industry leading edge; The market share of wheeled cranes and truck mounted cranes has exceeded 60%; Crawler crane shall be the first in China; Concrete machinery ranks third in the world; Road machinery ranks among the top five in the world

the global industry giants have felt the impact from XCMG. The CEO of caterpillar, the world's No. 1 brand of construction machinery, said, "among Chinese enterprises, we should pay special attention to XCMG, especially its development in large tonnage equipment. Because the large tonnage, medium and high-end equipment market XCMG enters is their advantage field."

"the strongest brain", the rise of innovation highlands

build a platform, XCMG can better use good people, retain people, and complete technical breakthroughs again and again. In fact, as an important part of the national technological innovation system, the main task of the "National Key Laboratory" is to carry out applied basic research and common technology research, study and formulate international standards, national and industrial standards, gather and cultivate excellent talents, and lead and drive the technological progress of the industry

sun Hui, from Liaoning, is the director of the Hydraulic Research Institute of XCMG Research Institute. After graduation, he came to XCMG, where he has grown into a technical "big guy" for 7 years. "After the establishment of our research institute, after years of experience, now is the time to show our talents." Sun Hui said frankly that XCMG devotes 5% of its revenue to research and development every year, which is financially guaranteed, and the enterprise is the pacesetter in China's equipment manufacturing controller and software industry, which gives it a more sense of mission

at XCMG, there are more than 3200 full-time scientific researchers such as sun Hui, who are the "strongest brains" of this enterprise with more than 20000 people. It is by using their wisdom that numerous new products and technologies have been developed around intellectualization, lightweight, comfort, energy conservation and environmental protection

"a price war will not last long. We have a strong talent team and pay attention to quality and service." Li suoyun, deputy general manager of XCMG group, told the author that last year, XCMG had entered the markets of the United States, Canada and Japan with the highest technical threshold for small batches of mainframe computers, and entered the mining and engineering construction equipment field that multinational companies have always maintained a monopoly, becoming the world's four largest aggregate manufacturers in the cement industry and suppliers of BHP Billiton. "Customers in North America believe that our products consume less energy than Carter and are more efficient than Japan. There are 10 large plastic markets," Li suoyun said. At present, XCMG exports mainframe to more than 170 countries, and its total export volume and overseas revenue continue to rank first in the domestic industry. Brazil, Russia, Australia, Central Asia, the Middle East and other market shares rank first three in the global industry

high end breakthrough, targeting the "four world-class"

at present, China's manufacturing industry is facing a new round of industrial upgrading, and XCMG is also facing the transformation from a Chinese brand to a world brand. "If we want to leap to the high end and implement the internationalization strategy, we must overcome the core technologies and high-end parts that support the brand development." Li suoyun said that compared with the innovation of the whole machine, XCMG has focused its research and development on key components

the author understands that XCMG focuses on the intelligent manufacturing field of high-end construction machinery and carries out research on four cutting-edge technology fields: full life cycle design technology, intelligent manufacturing technology of key parts, intelligent control technology of heavy-duty motion, and green and intelligent service technology, which is exactly the problem that the "National Key Laboratory" needs to overcome in the future

not only technical improvement, but also brand cultivation. Not long ago, a Qatari customer bought XCMG's equipment of more than 300 million yuan. The boss didn't talk about quality and service, but asked for a cheaper price. He said: "compared with European, American and Japanese brands, your quality is not bad, but the brand still needs to be cultivated. The added value and secondary value of your products are not as good as theirs."

this made Wang Min feel a lot. "We still have a way to go from world-class brands, especially the global reputation of the brand needs to be improved. XCMG's going out should represent China's high-end brand image and spread XCMG's integrity concept and excellent Chinese culture."

Wang Min believes that relying on the "the Belt and Road" and the major opportunities for the country to accelerate output investment and production capacity, XCMG will strive to become a world-class enterprise with great value and creativity, pride of Chinese people and respect of the world by accelerating innovation driven, transformation and upgrading

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