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XCMG Chen Qian: Huang Sha wears gold armor in hundred battles and vows not to pay back if he does not break Qinghai

XCMG Chen Qian: Huang Sha wears gold armor in hundred battles and vows not to pay back if he does not break Qinghai

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Guide: loyalty and diligence, he overcame all kinds of hardships to adapt to the desolate loess land and the harsh plateau; Wisdom and courage. He is a newborn calf. He resolutely devotes himself to the inspection work before the market starts up and runs. He should also be in place to temper himself in the furnace; XCMG has always adhered to the culture of loyalty, diligence, wisdom and courage, and constantly moved forward in setbacks; Keep exciting in the struggle

loyal and diligent, he overcame all kinds of hardships to adapt to the desolate loess land and the harsh plateau; Wisdom, courage, he is a newborn calf, resolutely join the market furnace to hone himself; Always adhering to the XCMG culture of "loyalty, diligence, wisdom and courage", we continue to move forward in setbacks; Keep passion in the struggle, keep growing in difficulties, and become more mature in the wind and rain. He is Chen Qian, the salesman of Xining sales center of XCMG shovel and transportation machinery business department

courage, loyalty and fighting will never die

in August 2012, Chen Qian came to Gansu with a simple bag on his back. He was also a little immature and set foot on this piece of loess land with infinite longing for work. As a new college student, he came to the legendary Northwest for the first time. He was both excited and looking forward to it. After a simple stay in Lanzhou, he came to Longnan to work and expand the Qinghai market. Xining City, where he is located, has an average altitude of more than 2200 meters, and the hypoxia is extremely serious. Living here is equivalent to carrying 20 kilograms of weight during exercise. Insomnia is a normal phenomenon, which takes a long time to adapt to for him who has lived in the south for a long time. However, the market is like a battlefield, and there is no room for any slack. Under the warm care of the director, Chen Qian gritted his teeth to overcome his physical discomfort, and constantly traveled between various construction sites in sand fields, coal mines and mines, fighting in the forefront

although he still had to face the torture of insomnia every night, and although he would feel chest tightness after walking for a while when visiting customers during the day, he resolutely insisted. The director's care made him feel like a spring breeze. His passion for fighting made him eager to fight. He was much encouraged by the professionalism and professionalism of XCMG's sales team. The core values of "shouldering great responsibilities, walking on the road, and becoming great" made him realize that the will of workers Xu was honed in the wind and rain. The spirit of fire is seen, and Chen Qian's fighting spirit is gradually tenacious in hardship

diligence and wisdom continue to move forward in the summary

stepping on the vast loess land of Xining, Chen Qian is facing a market that needs to be explored urgently. "Time passes like this, day and night" time is running away bit by bit, but he can't be a bit tired. The salesman who came with him applied to leave after staying for a few days because he couldn't adapt to the harsh environment of Qinghai Plateau. He knows that physical discomfort is only part of the reason, and the bigger reason is their psychological pressure. The support of psychological quality depends on strong combat effectiveness. Chen Qian's combat effectiveness stems from his inner desire to challenge and never relax

as a newborn calf, his heart is full of passion, and his footprints are all over the west of Qinghai and Hainan. When traveling in other places, he will pay attention to the new points of XCMG branch, combined with visiting customers, so as to find out the areas that need to be improved in the construction of XCMG points and the huge development potential of XCMG brand market. Chen Qian firmly abides by the working principle of "going through thousands of mountains and rivers, visiting thousands of families and going through thousands of hardships", full of passion and fighting spirit. We can use graphene to extend the service life of tires to 1.5 times the current level

"if you doubt at the beginning, there is no significance to move forward, so you can get more people's encouragement with hope. When you are in trouble, this has a lot to do with the current situation of the domestic industry. You are fearless, and you can release greater courage with joy!" This is Chen Qian's life creed. I believe that with his never say die and indomitable courage, this gradually fading marketing warrior will eventually become a strong general galloping in the northwest frontier and contribute to XCMG's 100 billion yuan, international and world-class development goals

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