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XCMG foundation "smart storm" is coming: digitalization, intelligent chemical plant

XCMG foundation "smart storm" is coming: digitalization, intelligent chemical plant

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made in China 2025 is the first ten-year action program for the country to implement the manufacturing power strategy, and intelligent manufacturing is the fundamental way for China to move from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out: "we should accelerate the construction of a manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and promote the integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy."

in recent years, XCMG foundation has accelerated the pace of intelligent manufacturing, and the intelligent manufacturing unit fully put into production, flexible production process management, innovative product design... All provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the gold standard. Please take a look at XCMG's intelligent manufacturing facilities

the decisive battle is in the market, the decisive victory is in the factory

intellectualization of the manufacturing unit and improvement of the reliability of the whole machine

"the decisive battle is in the market, the decisive victory is in the factory". More specifically, it is to ensure that reliable products are provided to users more economically, efficiently and accurately through new manufacturing systems, namely intelligent production equipment and intelligent management. XCMG foundation has many sets of intelligent equipment distributed on two production lines, forming intelligent manufacturing of two types of main machine assembly, detection and main machine test-bed commissioning of rotary drilling rig and horizontal directional drilling rig. All core intelligent equipment are interconnected

the new plant area establishes a flexible and automatic production line of self-developed rotary drilling rig, which combines going out with introduction, to meet the mixed line production of multi variety small batch 3. Yellowing resistant energy pile products, which can realize on-time production and improve assembly efficiency. The plant area is equipped with various process equipment such as longitudinal beam turnover machine, walking deceleration turnover machine, rotary platform turnover machine, drill mast turnover machine, automatic positioning and clamping, so that the assembly process is safe and controllable; Equip electric tightening equipment to improve assembly accuracy and quality; Centralized liquid supply system to control the consumption of testing auxiliary materials

comprehensive test bench equipment

the comprehensive test bench equipment of the rotary drilling rig under construction can simulate the loading spectrum under the actual working conditions and realize the recovery of electric energy. Due to the wide range of utilization of the functional diversity of the injection molding equipment, the rotary drilling rig test bench, as an intelligent test equipment, can accumulate detailed test data, comprehensively consider the main technical parameters of the power head of the rotary drilling rig, troubleshoot early failures, and improve the reliability of the whole machine

automatic production line

XCMG foundation also has an automatic production line for horizontal directional drilling rigs, which can meet the assembly production of small and medium tonnage products. The line body is equipped with centralized liquid supply system, electric tightening equipment, tool hardware facilities, and uses information technology to connect the parts scanning system into one, so as to timely and quickly deal with abnormal conditions, and obtain and analyze the data of the assembly process at the same time; Rely on the host testing platform to monitor the operation of host debugging in real time and optimize the manufacturing process in time; The assembly and commissioning data in the whole manufacturing cycle can form a database to trace the key materials and process parameters in the assembly and commissioning process of the whole machine, so as to ensure quality tracking and improvement

flexible production process management, real-time management and rapid response

promote the flexibility of production process management, and the production department can respond quickly according to the adjustment of order plan and production plan. Improve the agility of the supply chain. The self-developed SCM system has obtained the copyright of the computer software of the people's Republic of China, which solves the problem that the SRM system cannot adapt to the development of business needs, improves the efficiency of warehousing operations, improves the management of supplier supply time, shortens the lead time of delivery, and improves the acquisition, management and control of data information; The system is highly integrated with SAP to interact with order, supplier, material and other data, and realize the real-time synchronization of warehousing and issuing data through RFC interface function; Suppliers can generate delivery notes, generate key part labels, print delivery notes, and maintain shipment management through the system; The warehouse keeper can use or PDA to scan the QR code of the inspection and warehousing delivery order for warehousing and issuing operations to improve efficiency


the continuous promotion of XCMG basic intelligent manufacturing units and the continuous emergence of high-end products are injecting inexhaustible power into the development of enterprises. Benchmarking international brands, mastering the right to speak technology, and promoting the industrial structure to move towards the medium and high end, XCMG has always been down-to-earth and forge ahead

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