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XCMG Brazil has joined hands with Zhejiang University in the "Zhiyuan" program, and talent training has expanded on the "the Belt and Road"

XCMG Brazil has joined hands with Zhejiang University in the "Zhiyuan" program, and talent training has expanded on the "the Belt and Road"

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in early July 2019, XCMG Brazil welcomed the first team of the "Zhiyuan" program of Zhejiang University in the "South America trip", XCMG Brazil has become the first overseas social practice base of Zhejiang University in South America, marking the gradual deepening of the cooperation between XCMG group and Zhejiang University from domestic to overseas

XCMG Brazil, as the first overseas wholly-owned manufacturing base of XCMG group, laid the foundation in 2012, completed and put into operation on June 6, 2014 and rolled out its products. It integrates R & D, production, sales, service and spare parts, covers a total area of 1million square meters, and has the most advanced automated production equipment in Brazil and even South America; The products mainly include six categories of products, including cranes, loaders, excavators, graders, excavators and loaders, and road rollers. It is the first and currently the largest construction machinery industrial park built by China's construction machinery industry in Brazil

XCMG Brazil adheres to local R & D and manufacturing, and has a complete production and processing process, which has played an important role in promoting Brazil's economy and infrastructure construction in recent years. With its own advantages, XCMG Brazil has become the cooperation base between XCMG group and the school of mechanical engineering of Zhejiang University in response to the national "the Belt and Road" initiative. Seven masters and doctoral students from mechanical engineering and brand communication of Zhejiang University conducted a two-week research and social practice in XCMG Brazil. This activity is the first time in the "double first-class" construction goal of Zhejiang University to carry out the overseas social practice project of graduate students in Brazil, a "BRICs country". XCMG Brazil has officially become the first overseas social practice base of Zhejiang University in South America

On behalf of XCMG Brazil, liuxianfang, Secretary of XCMG Brazil's Party committee, extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students of Zhejiang University who came all the way from the motherland at the awarding ceremony. She introduced the development history, business environment, talent development status, opportunities and challenges faced by XCMG Brazil to teachers and students of Zhejiang University. At the same time, XCMG Brazil will provide full support to the practice team of Zhejiang University, and hopes that the practice team of Zhejiang University will gain from scientific and technological research and cultural exchanges

teacher jinjuanxia of Zhejiang University also expressed her gratitude to XCMG Brazil for its thoughtful and warm reception, and introduced in detail the "Zhiyuan" research of Zhejiang University. Finally, the purpose, schedule and team members of students' overseas social practice in the measurement interface are displayed in a graphical way. She hopes to take the opportunity of XCMG Brazil's behavior, Let the colleagues of the school of mechanical engineering of Zhejiang University, and with the help of the gravity of the sample itself, correctly understand Chinese characteristics and international comparison, expand global vision and enhance global competitiveness

during the practice, XCMG's perfect products and production processes deeply attracted teachers and students of Zhejiang University. They actively carried out in-depth research on scientific research problems in the field of large-scale key construction machinery, and exchanged and discussed with XCMG's Brazilian mechanical engineers to connect research topics; At the same time, accompanied by XCMG's Brazilian engineers, they visited the production line site and let them know the production process of XCMG machinery through the on-site inspection of the production line; Familiar with XCMG's products, I have a deeper understanding of XCMG's customer-oriented R & D thinking. In this regard, a team member said, "this social practice has given me a deeper understanding. Only by being closer to customer needs, can I be closer to the actual results of optimizing the industrial structure."

XCMG Brazil has always adhered to the development concept that human resources are the most important resources of the enterprise, explored new development space with an international vision and thinking, actively carried out the combination of domestic and foreign universities and enterprises, strengthened the reserve of professional talents, targeted outstanding graduates in advance, and reserved new forces for the company. Practice the core values of "taking a big responsibility, walking on the road and becoming a great success", unswervingly follow the international road of reducing the rotation of the motor to the required rotation number, based on Brazil and radiating South America, and contribute to XCMG's "Everest Summit"

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