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On March 13, 2013, the opening ceremony of the year of the snake "Beijing International wooden door Exhibition" in the national home building materials industry was grandly opened in the spotlight. Thousands of wooden door home brands at home and abroad gathered among them. In addition to displaying the latest wooden door products of major brands, the International wooden door exhibition featured Tianhua's exquisite carving, gold inlaid and silver inlaid leaders' new concept of overall home life

March 13, 2013, The opening ceremony of the year of the snake in the national home building materials industry, "Beijing International wooden door Exhibition", was grandly opened in the spotlight. Thousands of wooden door home brands at home and abroad gathered here. In addition to displaying the latest wooden door products of major brands, the dazzling international wooden door Exhibition brought people a new concept of life and home decoration

among them, the most amazing and unforgettable beauty is the zhanzhi Tianhua whole house customized home display platform from Tianhua wood industry group, which maximizes the exquisite design and product style of modern integrated home customization with the overall unified pure European style. The one-stop integrated luxury home accessories module provides an integrated three-dimensional display of wood door products, customized furniture products, wallboard ceiling products. This display style is different from the traditional boring and simple display type product display mode, which is really a major innovation in home decoration and display concept

interested customers inquire about various franchising matters from the regional manager of zhanzhitianhua gold medal

what is more amazing is that zhanzhitianhua brought "two sets of houses inlaid with gold and silver" to the attendees of the exhibition. The exhibition area of zhanzhi Tianhua is divided into five parts, two of which are a complete set of "new noble French classical model rooms". Careful viewers will see that the two rooms show the world's top and most advanced precious metal inlaying technology - white inlaying silver and red inlaying gold technology, that is, inlaying pure silver foil and 18K gold foil in the pattern texture of milky white and red shadow. In recent years, the French classical style of the new aristocracy has been more and more respected and appreciated by the rich class, high-end people and romantic women in China. From the French classical furniture of the new aristocracy, we can still find the classical legacy of the former French court and the same exquisite elegance from the details. The new aristocratic French classical furniture continues the characteristics of French royal and aristocratic furniture from the 17th century to the 19th century. It pays attention to manual fine cutting, carving and inlaying, and fully shows a rich artistic flavor in line and proportion design. It is romantic, luxurious and refined, and is expressed in a complex, luxurious and delicate style. Furniture inlaid with gold foil is mainly made by manual gluing technology. This technology has very high requirements for technicians' manual technology and supporting equipment. At present, there are few brand manufacturers in China that can realize this technology. The combination of top-level technology and the overall design of the sample room not only makes the exhibits more design sense, but also makes the wooden door more stylish because it can integrate with its supporting furniture. Zhanzhi Tianhua can be described as a leading brand that integrates technical strength, R & D strength, supporting supply and follow-up services

zhanzhi Tianhua has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of wooden door products since its establishment 19 years ago. So far, it has provided high-quality products and services to 3million families. Wooden door has long been a household name as the main item of zhanzhi Tianhua. However, with the change of people's consumption concept of "one-stop consumption", "integrated style" and "personalized fine decoration", zhanzhi Tianhua conforms to the pace of the times, Integrating the essence of Chinese and Western design, we launched integrated customized home and advocated a new overall decoration concept. It is precisely because of the complete and unified design style of "two sets of new noble French classical model houses" that zhanzhi Tianhua shines brightly in this door exhibition and becomes the protagonist of the exhibition

zhanzhi Tianhua, an innovative way of overall home display, not only brings more intuitive and convenient real-life display and shopping methods to consumers, but also brings new inspiration to the future layout and design of the exhibition, and sets an example for the cross-border breakthrough of the traditional wooden door industry





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