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Originality has always been the pursuit of brand wardrobe enterprises, and it is also the key for enterprises to win in the homogeneous competition. Original design makes the brand go further! Deville, the top ten brands customized for the whole house

there are many bright spots in the original design of wardrobe

the development of original design is an unavoidable problem in the wardrobe industry. From the early "imitation" and "reference" "From foreign wardrobe design to developing a path of original design, China's wardrobe industry has experienced a long period of change. Many enterprises have explored a path of original design suitable for themselves through independent innovation, and have emerged on the international stage. Qumei wardrobe, which has just won the if design award from Munich, Germany, has brought a number of the latest original designs to the exhibition this time. The design works of the if award have also appeared, which also made the exhibition Will have more attractions

original inspiration deduces own life

for wardrobe, * good design should also be attributed to practicality. Home design that pays attention to appearance but is not practical cannot create popularity, and will not be recognized by consumers. Therefore, * home design can not only attract the attention of the audience, but also make people can't help experiencing it. At this exhibition, The design works exhibited by some brand wardrobes are all from the new "free space" series, which combines natural inspiration with Chinese elements, and deduces the unrestrained life concept of urban elites through simple, fashionable and modern design.

original design makes enterprises more refined

in the industry, Chinese brand wardrobes have the trend of introducing foreign designers, adhere to the concept of original design, and let "simple, fashionable and modern" "The style of home culture extends from the field of design, creating a tasteful home life for consumers. While adhering to the brand style, wardrobe designers experience life, get close to the market, study the needs of consumers, and more fully consider the lifestyle and functional needs of consumers, so that every product reflects the pursuit of aesthetics.

home design is a way of continuous innovation. At this design exhibition, a The exhibition showing the wisdom and passion of Chinese home design is being staged brilliantly. In the future, wardrobe enterprises that adhere to original design will create more highlights

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