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At present, the naughty switch socket design makes people feel very novel. Among many brands of Italian home, there is also such a naughty ASA brand, whose products include innovative accessories such as wheels, cable ducts, pull-out components, etc. Creative and style design, among its products, the Italian style open light socket is the most elegant. Many users are curious about the multi style socket design

asa Italian switch socket, with beauty as an important element, combines the usability and functionality of the product. Although the lights look like medieval control panels, they are modern and designed for the latest lighting and technical equipment

asa International Group has transformed the idea of combining beauty and practicality into practical finished products before the emergence of new technologies. The unique and creative products maintain the flexibility of use. The original modern design concept of ASA design is displayed through the process

the design and manufacturing of creativity and style are always focused on specific areas, so that the elements with "beauty" are perfectly integrated into the practical and functional open light socket

the design concept of distraction brings the practical functions of the socket into our real life. There is no need for stupid and heavy plug-in boards in the family. Creative design can always stop bothering you in the nuances of life

ASA's original plug from the Italian home platform, the integration of aesthetic elements, accurately grasp every socket user, as long as you look at it, you will immediately love home sockets. Overseas style socket, imported furniture in Italian home

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