Why is there fog in your door and window glass

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The continuous improvement of your home decoration level

?????????????????? With the continuous improvement of the decoration level of your home, more and more users use insulating glass doors and windows. But it can always be heard saying, "why is there fog or water vapor in the insulating glass, which is a very vague phenomenon?"

whether it is the glass cleaning or the glass lamination problem - in the final analysis, it is the sealing of the insulating glass that is not done well, resulting in a large amount of water vapor, which can form this kind of fogging phenomenon

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in fact, if there is only a little water vapor, the desiccant in the insulating glass can be adsorbed, and if there is more, it cannot be adsorbed, which leads to fogging in the insulating glass of doors and windows


impact of sealing failure

if the sealing failure of insulating glass, it means that the doors and windows will lose their due functions. Not only the design energy-saving performance of Windows cannot be achieved, but also consumers cannot see the outside through the fogged air layer, affecting the perspective of insulating glass and reducing the heat insulation effect. If fogging for a long time, mildew or alkali precipitation will occur on the inner surface of the glass, resulting in white spots, which will seriously affect the appearance quality of the insulating glass



the solution to the fogging of door and window glass is to replace the glass, or to disassemble the glass, and the interior is wiped clean by a professional master, and then laminated and glued


the importance of selection

most of these problems occur because the manufacturers are not standardized and fail to comply with national standards and strict requirements, while some users also unilaterally pursue low-cost products, which gives some illegal manufacturers an opportunity to take advantage of. Once there is fog on the insulating glass, it can't be repaired and can only be replaced, which can only be self inflicted. Therefore, when choosing, we should focus on the brand in order to ensure quality and quantity


standard of insulating glass

it can be seen that selecting high-quality insulating glass sealant is the first and key to prevent the atomization of insulating glass. The selected insulating glass sealant shall meet the requirements of national or industrial standards, and the first and second sealants of double-layer insulating glass shall be suitable, which cannot be mutually soluble or reactive, otherwise it may cause glass surface pollution or even aging






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