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Ge Baojing of Lisa paint: leading the trend of herbal life in the paint industry

at the end of last month, I had the honor to pay a field visit to Lisa paint. Although I had a relationship with Lisa Ge and had a brief exchange before, I was not familiar with her. As an enterprise boss, I never expected to remember me as a nobody, but I didn't expect to remember my name when I met her for the third time. I hope to read through the articles written by the author in the past, which really moved me

before this visit, I learned about the overall brand and product positioning of Lisa paint, which was just completed in May. In order to make readers better understand the topics involved in this article, I have to elaborate two words before starting this interview

oasis action: as a paint enterprise with a sense of society and a national brand with a soul, although there is a gap in the market with Nippon, Dulux and other brands, there is no gap in love and heart. The oasis action of desert oasis aims to advocate that paint brands unite to offer their own brand love to people, things and things in need of help

herbal paint: the desert oasis herbal paint is a natural herbal formula created by ourselves. It uses a unique process to add pure natural herbal active factors to the paint, making the product healthier, more environmentally friendly and more natural in color. The desert oasis herbal paint has created a new category of paint and opened up a new era of healthy paint in China

the following are from our actual conversation records

in January and may, Lisa paint just completed the company's overall brand and product positioning. After 13 years of development, what is the significance of brand reinventing Lisa paint? In the re sorting of the product series, Lisa focused on refining the concept of "herbal green paint" developed in the early years into "herbal paint". What is "herbal paint"? What is the concept of "herbal paint"? What is the difference with traditional emulsion paint products? What is the market acceptance of the new concept

during our years of operation, we have been thinking about what our products pursue? What are the unique selling points we can create for the dealer community? Therefore, at the beginning of this year, at the time of brand integration, we made great efforts to give a deeper connotation to the "health and environmental protection" that the company has been pursuing, so as to make the marketing selling points of desert oasis paint more accurate and more in line with the needs of end-users. Therefore, when sorting out the product series this year, we still provide "green and environmental protection" as the most direct selling point to our consumers, hoping that after a day's hard work and pressure, people can have a fresh and healthy home after a day's struggle in the increasingly polluted urban atmospheric environment, and make "herbal life" a "phenomenon" in the coating industry

"herbal paint" is not only a concept, but also a technical innovation. Over the years, our R & D department has been conscientiously hoping to break through the chemical properties of the coating and make it more environmentally friendly and healthy both in terms of data and feeling. Therefore, the film-forming material of "herbal paint" should be re welded with ordinary oil; Check whether there is a short circuit point in the 5V load circuit? If any, it would be inappropriate to remove the paint. The focus of the industry is the efficient and cost-effective production of various vehicle parts. Similarly, the film-forming substances of "herbal paint" are some important raw materials extracted from plants. Therefore, "herbal paint" can be said to completely subvert traditional coatings or solve the coating pollution problem that is difficult to solve in the world

"herbal paint" is already on sale in the market. According to the current sales data, the end consumers still recognize it, and the sales volume is relatively large. If we refine again, in 2010, we will set off a trend of herbal life concept in the paint industry. And this trend must have been triggered by the desert oasis. Why do you say so? In fact, some enterprises are concerned about the use of paint and plant raw materials, but they are still in a tentative or no concept process. Today, we refine and promote this concept, which is the reflection of the innovative spirit that Lisa paint has always advocated. Therefore, we hope to lead a new round of health and environmental protection wave in the paint industry through these new ideas and technologies

II. During the drought in Southwest China and the Yushu earthquake, Lisa Dadu donated money and materials to help the reconstruction of the disaster areas, and all the activities were carried out under the theme of "oasis action". As the initiator and main executor of "oasis action", please talk about the original intention and meaning of the theme activity of "oasis action"

the idea of "oasis action" is that enterprises must undertake more social responsibilities when they grow up. The drought in five provinces in Southwest China and the Yushu earthquake in March and April this year have affected the hearts of our people. Therefore, we timely put forward this activity in the hope that all enterprises in the paint industry can pay attention to and participate in this activity to check whether the joints of oil circuit systems are tightened. 1.3 billion compatriots across the country, I think as long as our "oasis action" continues, not only in the paint industry, but also through our efforts to get him out of the paint industry, the national strength can converge, that is, through our "oasis action" small love can be condensed into great love, and a drop of water can be merged into a sweet spring, so that our compatriots who suffer in the face of disasters can feel the love of our whole society, Only in this way will our society become more harmonious. This is also integrated with the development concept of "military school family" of our enterprise

the original intention of "oasis action" was to solve the drought problem in the five provinces in Southwest China, but later we understood that the enterprise society is not only reflected in the face of disaster, but also in the small circle of solving drought. Therefore, "oasis action" is a continuous action, which extends to the development concept of our whole company and the deep concept of our product design. For the present, "oasis action" we will first solve the problem of people drinking water, then solve the problem of crop drought, and then solve the problem of people's quality of life, so that every farmer can have a healthy and environmentally friendly home

in the past 13 years, Lisa paint has taken "speed conquers scale" as the enterprise atmosphere. With the spirit of entrepreneurs, Lisa paint has steadily entered the second tier ranks from a third tier brand. After a brand-new brand positioning, has the development strategy of the enterprise changed? Is it still based on speed? Or deep cultivation? What is a development idea for the next five years? What goal do you want to achieve

you asked a good question. In the next step, we will focus on deep cultivation. Lisa has become one of the second tier brands of Chinese national coatings. In the 13 years of development, our company has been in the process of rapid development. However, in the process of rapid development, speed is often emphasized for the sake of speed. Therefore, there have been some customer complaints in the market operation. They pay more attention to Lisa's in-depth marketing, service and customer support, but Lisa still can't keep up with the rapid development in recent years, Some new dealers in the coating industry are still far behind in the management of the enterprise and the operation of the industry. Therefore, at the end of last year, we became one of the leading enterprises in the coating industry to establish an enterprise college. Since the establishment of our Lisa college last year, Hunan and Jiangxi have completed the training. In the next step, we will carry out quality training for Jiangsu and Henan to help their enterprises grow. Therefore, In the next step, we will put more emphasis on customer service and brand building and solidification

IV. on May 18, 2010, China Building Materials Circulation Association held a press conference. Building coatings products have joined the ranks of emission reduction products, and may enter the directory of "building materials to the countryside". It is predicted that the consumption output value of indoor building decoration driven by building materials to the countryside may exceed 100billion yuan. Starting from the coating industry, coatings in indoor and outdoor decoration mainly include building coatings and wood coatings, These two categories account for about 15% of the share of interior decoration. According to this estimate, the economy brought by building materials to the countryside to the coating industry should be about 15billion yuan. In such a large market, what attitude and way should coating enterprises take to face the "building materials to the countryside" and make good use of this great opportunity for development? At the same time, please talk about a specific implementation idea of Lisa paint, so that the benefits can be truly implemented in the hands of farmers for peer enterprises to learn from

we have been paying close attention to "building materials to the countryside", and have done a lot of work to welcome "building materials to the countryside", and also designed corresponding products for the rural market. The rural market is a very large market. In particular, in recent years, the state has issued a series of "benefiting farmers" policies to make farmers really rich. When people have money, they naturally want to improve their living environment. In the past, people may not use paint to decorate their new houses. They can move in after brushing with lime water. Now most people use paint. Therefore, we have been preparing for "building materials to the countryside". If the national policy of "building materials to the countryside" is implemented, we will immediately start to let our products go to the rural market. At this stage, our network and channels have already been laid in the rural market. Therefore, we can certainly put the most affordable products into the hands of farmers

therefore, it can be said that "building materials to the countryside" we started to go to the countryside five years ago, and the process of channel flattening five years ago may be to meet today's "building materials to the countryside". In addition, for coating products, although there are already "home appliances to the countryside" and "cars to the countryside" that can learn from the experience, coating products are relatively scattered. What's more, it depends on whether your products can arrive quickly. If your channels can't arrive, everything is in vain, and it is impossible to realize the real benefits to farmers. Therefore, for the products in the rural market, we will give substantial preferential treatment to farmers, and some specific details may be implemented when the policies are implemented

on April 27, at the "2009 top ten raw and auxiliary materials Summit Forum" held by HC coatings, we put forward the theme of low carbon for the future. Of course, low carbon is not only the concern of raw material enterprises, but also the concern of finished product enterprises. After the product brand is repositioned, how does Lisa coatings view the development trend of low carbon economy in the coating industry? What action support is available

in the final analysis, low-carbon economy can be attributed to the product concept of "health and environmental protection" that Lisa has been pursuing. After detailed market investigation, we have launched a low-carbon product. Therefore, while complying with the tide of national development of low-carbon economy, we will also have relative actions to follow up. In addition, when it comes to low-carbon products, our desert oasis herbal paint is low-carbon. Lisa paint can be said to be just a paint enterprise, and desert oasis herbal paint is just a product. However, we provide consumers with a healthy and environmentally friendly herbal life concept, which is Lisa's people-oriented development concept. Therefore, I

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