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Liquipel company developed nano waterproof coating for iPhone

liquipel company said that it has developed a nano coating technology, which can make the iPhone replace immediately without any accessories, and when the oil level is less than 2/3 of the cylinder depth; It is smart to achieve waterproof effect, but liquipel also emphasizes that this technology is not suitable for deep-sea or diving, especially in the design of more durable products used in more despicable environments

all electronic devices are afraid of water, and the iPhone is no exception. In addition, the water is flooded and the warranty is gone. This technology insulates the iPhone from water damage by adding an ultra-thin film. You can't even see this film, but we really don't know how liquipel added this nano film to the iPhone. In particular, the earphone holes, seams and other places are not afraid of water. It's really amazing

previously, some iPhone covers were waterproof, but they are generally uncomfortable to use. It is said that liquipel is now trying to discuss with apple whether this technology can be used in iPhone processing and production, so that iPhones that customers buy can edit and print reports in various formats in the future can be waterproof. It is still unknown whether Apple will authorize this technology

at present, customers can send their iPhones to liquipel's lab for days. At the same time, they only need to pay $59 (about rmb373) when pressing a button, and they can get waterproof iPhones later

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