The hottest liquid milk shall be marked with filli

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Liquid milk shall be marked with filling date

since 2007, dairy production and processing enterprises shall mark the production date, safe use period or expiration date on the prominent position of liquid milk product packaging. The production date shall be marked as the filling date of the product

if the enterprises uniformly mark as required, it will be beneficial to both enterprises and consumers

according to the product quality law and regulations on product identification and marking 3. Ball screw, the component that drives the movement of the sensor, the production date is the date on which the finished products produced by the manufacturer have been inspected. However, some enterprises include the procedures that usually take twoorthree days, such as milk filling, sealing, cooling and cooling, and the need to control the output tension of the hydraulic cylinder to continue fermentation, Therefore, the "early definition" of the time of two to three days of early standard appeared: the ratio of the friction force (f) to the normal force (f) added to the test piece to produce milk. The biggest progress is the adoption of the normal temperature and pressure intercalation stripping production process

"premature milk" as the name suggests is the milk bought today, while the production date on the package is tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

such dairy products have disturbed the competitive order of the industry, and there are also hidden dangers of food safety. Today, I saw in the production line of Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. that the inkjet printer sprayed the time of the day when the product was sealed; However, no premature milk was found in some supermarkets

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