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Liquid metal printing solves the bottleneck of 3D printing development

recently, the research team of Chinese Academy of Sciences for the first time developed the technology of liquid metal direct printing electronic circuit, and made a desktop 3D automatic printing prototype. Analysts pointed out that the technology of liquid metal direct printing electronic circuits has created conditions for the personalized manufacturing of electronic devices, which will affect the development mode of electronic technology in the future and promote the development of electronic paper market

stock trend of related companies

Shengyi technology 4.90+0.091.87% Yunhai metal 8 37% robot 36 29% Oriental zirconium industry 11 88% new hope 10 78% exhibition. Driven by it, listed companies related to liquid metal raw materials and electronic paper are expected to gain imagination, such as Dongfang zirconium (002167), Yunhai metal (002182) and Shengyi Technology (600183)

liquid metal

breakthrough in direct printing electronic methods

recently, it was reported that the scientific research team led by Liu Jing, a researcher at the Institute of physical and chemical technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed the technology of directly generating electronic circuits on paper for the first time, and made a desktop 3D automatic printing prototype. After testing, the conductivity and reliability are good, and particularly complex circuits or electronic components can also be printed; At present, it only takes more than ten minutes to print a paper-based circuit board the size of A4 paper

it is reported that up to now, conventional electronic manufacturing can only be completed through time-consuming, consumable and energy consuming processes such as evaporation, sputtering and deposition. The newly emerging printed electronics, like printed words, directly forms conductive lines and patterns on the substrate, which speeds up the transformation of the traditional mode. However, it is also faced with the constraints of ink. It is often necessary to use conductive polymers or add nano particle materials and realize them through high-temperature curing or specific chemical reactions. In this context, the liquid metal printed electronics method has pushed the printed electronics forward by a big step. Its basic concept is: the clamping diameter of the liquid metal round sample: Φ 13~ Φ 40mm; It's ink. If you type it, it will become a circuit. With this equipment and a good program, you can print out the circuit system you need

as a new frontier in the field of electronic manufacturing, liquid metal printing electronics has opened up a convenient and fast way for the direct manufacturing of flexible electronics at room temperature, and StarTech is dedicated to the shortcomings of the longitudinal load (tension) device of the original experimental machine, which is expected to realize the popularization and application of the machine. Moreover, compared with common plastic substrates, electronic paper has the characteristics of low cost, portability, easy degradation, folding, convenient recycling and so on. It is a kind of green, environmental friendly and cheap circuit material

accelerating 3D printing upgrade

and electronic industry innovation

3d printing is a cutting-edge hotspot in the world. However, most of the existing methods can only print the model itself, and it is not easy to meet the device manufacturing requirements including electronic functions. Therefore, the direct printing of liquid metal at room temperature has brought new hope. The application fields of new technologies are extremely broad. The door to the manufacturing of electronic devices for household printers has been opened, which is expected to give birth to a series of electronic engineering and 3D electromechanical printing technologies that go beyond the traditional concept, so as to accelerate the pace of innovation in the electronic industry and manufacturing industry

insiders believe that the technology of liquid metal direct printing electronic circuits has created conditions for personalized manufacturing of electronic components and may affect the development mode of electronic technology in the future. Personalized circuit design method will make the technology have a large application space in electronic engineering, personalized electronic component design and manufacturing, creative design, etc., and promote the popularization of diy electronics. It can be predicted that with the expansion of the field of micro spherical aluminum powder utilization in the future and the gradual reduction of the cost of the printing system, even those without electronic design experience can print their own terminal electronic devices and even assemble electromechanical systems, such as electronic greeting cards, paper integrated circuits, displays, billboards, intelligent fabrics and robots, with the help of the control software preset in the computer in the future, And even photovoltaic cell arrays

in addition, this technology is expected to significantly boost the development space of the electronic paper market. According to the prediction of IDTechEx, a market research and consulting company, the electronic paper market is estimated to be about US $16billion in 2013, which will increase to nearly US $77billion in 2023

focus on relevant beneficiary stocks

with the advent of the electronic method of direct printing of liquid metal, listed companies related to liquid metal and electronic paper are expected to gain imagination. It is suggested to focus on Oriental zirconium industry, Yunhai metal and Shengyi technology

Dongfang zirconium (002167): liquid metal is the key to new technology, and zirconium is an important raw material for liquid metal. The company is a national key high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and operation of zirconium series products. Its products are mainly divided into seven series, namely, zirconium dioxide, zirconium oxychloride, composite zirconium oxide, zirconium oxide ceramic structural parts, zirconium silicate, fused zirconium oxide and sponge zirconium, with a total of more than 90 varieties and specifications. It is an enterprise with leading technology, leading scale, the most core competitiveness and comprehensive competitiveness in China's zirconium industry, It is also one of the manufacturers with the most complete range of zirconium products in the world. The high-purity nano composite zirconia atomic energy level sponge zirconium industrial grade sponge zirconium high-purity ultra-fine zirconia zirconia ceramic cylinder liner high-performance Al-Y composite zirconia high-purity zirconium sulfate, high-purity zirconia carbonate high-purity zirconia silicate and other series of new processes and products have been successfully industrialized, filling the domestic gap and creating significant economic and social benefits

Yunhai metal (002182): the company is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and recovery of magnesium and magnesium alloys, the production and recovery of aluminum alloy ingots and rods, the production of magnesium aluminum alloy die castings, and the production and sales of intermediate alloys and metal strontium. At present, the company has formed a complete magnesium industry chain of dolomite mining - original magnesium smelting - magnesium alloy casting - magnesium alloy processing - magnesium alloy recycling. The production and sales of metal strontium and magnesium alloys rank first in the world. The company has strong research and development capabilities, has 109 ceramic bricks of Jiangsu magnesium alloy material engineering technology research center, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of advanced metal materials, and has set up Jiangsu master's workstation. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the company has successively undertaken the national science and technology support plan projects, leading the industry in energy conservation, emission reduction and scientific and technological innovation. The company has a number of invention patents and utility model patents with independent intellectual property rights

Shengyi Technology (600183): the company's main products include flame retardant epoxy glass fiber cloth copper clad laminate, composite substrate epoxy copper clad laminate and a series of semi cured sheets for multilayer boards, which are widely used in automobiles, communication equipment, computers and various high-end electronic products. As the largest copper clad laminate manufacturer in China, the company has strong technical force and has successively developed a variety of high-tech products with international advanced level. It is the only enterprise in Dongguan with a national enterprise research and development center, and its product quality has always maintained the international leading level. The company cooperates with upstream start-ups to develop e-ink through six years of research and development. After several years of exploration, the company also made a breakthrough in the coating process in 2009. At present, the company's electronic paper products have been industrialized

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