The hottest liquid chemical market in South China

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Liquid chemical market in South China market express

liquid chemical market: due to the repeated volatility of crude oil and outer disk prices and the lack of receiving goods from downstream manufacturers and traders, the overall market in South China was relatively calm yesterday. Except for styrene, ethylene glycol and pure benzene, which fell by 50 yuan/ton due to the sharp price cut by SINOPEC Guangzhou, the prices of other products have changed little temporarily. The market prices are 10 respectively. The indication accuracy of piston displacement: 0.5%fs.;: 7400 toluene, 7200 xylene, ethylene glycol, 8300 yuan/ton of alcohol, 7150 yuan/ton of pure benzene, 6450 yuan/ton of diethylene glycol and 9850 yuan/ton of styrene

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