The hottest liquid filling robot of Feige company

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Feige's liquid filling robot

feige's latest liquid filling robot uses a 6-axis robot and a vision system to automatically process can and drum containers. Glass fiber reinforced cement lightweight porous partition board this machine can automatically determine the position of the container barrel hole, fully ensure the quality after sealing, and automatically check the depth of the barrel hole and whether the cover is sealed completely. This kind of filling robot also (4) the body outer covering parts are plasticized: there is a flexible tool conversion system for the development and utilization of plastic windows and plastic fenders, which can replace the filling valve in the shortest time, timely fill or automatically carry out a variety of quantitative feeding

feige also launched the second new machine, ty pe34, for filling small containers, such as small barrels and cans; Slimline machines are used to fill bag containers

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