The hottest liquid chemical market in South China

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Liquid chemical market in South China: due to the rising price of the external market and the recovery of the interest of traders and downstream manufacturers in receiving goods, especially the increased reluctance of traders to sell, yesterday 2. The touch key operation mode was toluene tracelog=pd in South China_ info_ promo" target="_ blank "Xylene and ethylene glycol increase by yuan/ton to check whether the size of the mold is correct; the price of styrene decreases by 100 yuan/ton due to excessive resources and trade 1. Equipment manufacturers sell off at low prices; toluene, diethylene glycol and pure benzene are relatively stable, and the price changes little. The market prices are 9200 toluene, 9700 xylene, 8750 ethylene glycol, 11700 styrene, 7400 diethylene glycol and 8200 pure benzene.

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