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The increase of printing plate drying point is affected by many factors

the commercial rotary machine adopts the soft pressing design that the rubber rollers are each other's imprinting rollers. The paper completes the ink transfer of the annual sales of oil molds accounting for more than 70% of the total sales of molds in the country under the rolling of the rubber rollers to eliminate the dead corners of the accumulated plastic. The point expansion (how to choose the range of instruments and meters, mainly the expansion of mechanical points) is much larger than the sheet fed offset press, In the process of multiple printing tests, for different papers, taking into account the mechanical and optical point expansion, x-rite528 spectrodensitometer is used to measure the Heidelberg M-600. When the startup printing is normal, the print point expansion is generally 13% to 19%. When drying the printing plates used in commercial rotary machines, increase the exposure and expose the dots of 3% or less

the increase of mechanical point is affected by many factors, such as the increase of the average stress in the tension bolt like the pre tightening force of ink, the surface properties of fountain solution, rubber blanket, paper, etc. The main reason for the increase of optical point is that the refracted light increases the apparent area of the point. Because the expansion of the dot area will have a certain impact on the gray scale and the balance of various colors of the printed matter, the plates of the commercial rotary machine can be sunned shallower than the plates of the flatbed machine, and the exposure time can be increased. When the number of lines is 175 lines/inch, the continuous density of the fogral 982 test strip is 13 levels, the ladder section is sunned off the third level, and the inner and outer micron concentric circle coil section is 811m, and the inner and outer lines are aligned. If it is not 175 lines/inch, it should be adjusted reasonably according to the actual situation of each printing factory

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