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Inauguration ceremony of the 36th board of directors and supervisors of the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce

the 70th anniversary celebration party and the inauguration ceremony of the 36th board of directors and supervisors held by the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce on May 29 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong were invited by the Chief Secretary for administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Henry Tang, the deputy head of the Liaison Office of the Central Committee, Lanfa Huang The fire performance requirements of thermal insulation materials in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the fire resistance capacity of the system structure are important conditions that determine the fire safety performance of the external thermal insulation system. The simulated input processing circuit of the Legislative Council reaches the maximum frequency band width of 10Hz. Chairman Zeng Yusheng and the central Liaison Office announced that it can also be used as a ceremony by Hao Qichuan, Minister of culture and sports of the extension department, Chen junnian, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, and Yang Guangrui, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Publishing Bureau, also witnessed this important moment on the stage

Chief Secretary for administration Henry Tang affirmed that Hong Kong's printing industry is an important part of Hong Kong's economy. It has been highly respected by local peers and publishers for many years in terms of technology, efficiency and quality, and has played a major role in Hong Kong's information circulation and social progress

since its establishment 70 years ago, the chamber of Commerce has shouldered the important tasks of uniting the industry, improving the technical level, and cultivating talents, so that the industry can seize the opportunity of the progress of the times, walk in the forefront of the world's printing industry, and its achievements are obvious to all. The government signed the sixth supplementary agreement of CEPA with the mainland in early May. From October 1, Hong Kong companies can set up wholly-owned, joint venture or cooperative typesetting, proofreading and production service companies in the mainland, hoping that the measures can promote the development of printing and creative industries in the two places

the new board of directors and supervisors of the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association took office under the oath of the president of the Legislative Council, Jasper Tsang. Yang Jinxi, chairman of the board of directors, said that the chamber of Commerce has been evergreen since its establishment 70 years ago, keeping pace with the times. In recent years, its development has become more vigorous and its business has become more diversified. Looking forward to the future, the chamber of Commerce will give full play to its role as a bridge, strive for rights and interests for the industry, build a more favorable business environment for the printing industry, and lead the industry out of the dilemma of the financial tsunami to usher in a better future

At the ceremony, Huang Lanfa, deputy director of the Central Liaison Office, presented the "outstanding printing Entrepreneur Award" to the chamber of Commerce. The award was won by Ms. Su zhouyanping, chairman, chairman and founder of Xinzhou Printing Group Co., Ltd. Ms. Su zhouyanping started her business from scratch more than 40 years ago and led Xinzhou to develop from a small printing factory into a listed company with international business. She also served as a member of the Legislative Council and the Southern District Council to serve the society. The winner of this grand prize is indeed worthy of her name

finally, Guangdong Province should consider not only China's environment, but also the impact of the world's environment and other technological innovations and industry changes. Yang Guangrui, deputy director of the Publishing Bureau, clearly pointed out in his speech that the Hong Kong printing chamber of Commerce and all its peers have made special contributions to promoting the Pan Pearl River Delta region to become the world's third largest printing base and promoting the prosperity and development of the printing industry in Guangdong and Hong Kong. In the face of the financial tsunami, the industry has strengthened cooperation in creating a new printing industry in the Pearl River Delta, exploring the international market and improving the development environment to create a more brilliant tomorrow

during the 40 banquet, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce presented a souvenir to Chen junnian, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong CPPCC, thanking him for his constant concern and attention to the Hong Kong printing industry; He also presented a gift to Wu Wenxiang, honorary chairman of China Printing Technology Association, to celebrate his 60 years in the industry; In addition, souvenirs are also sent to sponsors and judges of the "green pages. Revolution" design competition to express our sincere gratitude; Many institutions and organizations in the four places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits also sent gifts to warmly congratulate. The party came to a successful conclusion in an atmosphere of high joy

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