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Natural rubber: the increase in demand is driven by the development of the automotive industry

according to the report released by the International Rubber Research Organization (IRSG), it is expected that the global consumption of natural rubber will increase by 1.6% to 9.71 million tons in 2010; Consumption will increase by 4.9% to 10.19 million tons in 2011

Chang Yizhi, a researcher in the chemical industry of CIC consulting, believes that from the current trend of economic development at home and abroad, the increase in natural rubber consumption in 2010 will mainly come from the expansion of the automotive consumer market

Chang Yizhi pointed out that since the consumption market of natural rubber mainly depends on the downstream tire industry, BMW is studying the lamp material industry of the new generation of models, and the situation of the tire industry is mainly determined by the automotive industry. Therefore, from the perspective of the relationship between the industrial chain, the development of the automotive industry and the national policies on the automotive industry will determine the demand for natural rubber

at present, internationally, due to the implementation of the market rescue policies of various countries, the economic downturn has been basically stabilized, the impact of the financial crisis is gradually receding, and the economies of various countries are gradually warming up. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States will gradually get out of recession at the beginning of the year, and enter the economic boom. It not only provides all aluminum machinery and instrumentation majors, ranking first in demand for a long time, but also some emerging countries will enter a period of high-speed growth. Therefore, with the gradual improvement of the economic situation, the automobile consumer market will expand accordingly, and the oil delivery valve will be slowly opened, which will drive the development of the tire industry, thus increasing the demand for natural rubber

at home, in 2009, in order to expand domestic demand and implement policies such as sending cars to the countryside, China's automobile market was booming, becoming the world's largest automobile production and sales country. In 2010, China will continue to implement an active fiscal policy, the economic development will be in a stable situation, and the demand for cars will also tend to grow steadily. Therefore, the demand for natural rubber will also increase

according to the report on investment analysis and prospect prediction of China's rubber industry in released by CIC consultants, natural rubber is mainly used in transportation, national defense, industry, health care, daily life, agriculture, meteorology, aviation and other fields. Among them, the consumption of tires in the field of transportation accounts for more than half of the consumption of natural rubber

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