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Fangyuan group's inclined construction elevator won the bid for Wuhan Danjiangkou bridge construction project

Fangyuan group's inclined construction elevator won the bid for Wuhan Danjiangkou bridge construction project

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recently, the SC100 inclined construction elevator newly developed by Fangyuan group's special vehicle equipment factory is in the key construction equipment procurement project of Wuhan Danjiangkou bridge, We successfully won the bid with advanced design technology and excellent product performance, and successfully signed a batch procurement contract

the order of this batch of products is urgently needed equipment for the user's key construction projects. In the face of the user's trust in the products, the company's leaders attach great importance to it. After receiving the order task, they immediately organize a comprehensive plan for production and service, and urgently coordinate with the supporting departments. All production preparations are carried out in the same step, and all processes are strictly controlled to deliver high-quality products to the users

the inclined construction elevator of Fangyuan group won the bid for Wuhan Danjiangkou bridge construction project

according to the requirements of the special working environment of the equipment, the special vehicle equipment factory of Fangyuan group has modified the design of the lifting cage, reduced the size of the lifting cage, adopted the mine section as the standard section, upgraded the mechanism torque and motor power of the electrical system, and strengthened the control room and all electric control boxes against wind, The antirust and wind resistant design of the main body and rack of the construction elevator shall be emphatically considered

users' high requirements for the performance of construction equipment. In April 2015, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on the implementation of the financial support policy for the utilization of (1) controllable metamaterials and equipment for new energy vehicles in 2016 (2) 2020. Choosing Fangyuan group's inclined construction elevator is a high trust in the tensile strength, constant elongation, constant elongation force value, and yield strength of Fangyuan products, This will have a positive impact on further expanding the application field and scope of construction elevator products

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